Half Over

The work day is half over. I’ve made some good progress on a couple of tasks and all in all things are going well today, but the bad sleep last night is starting to get to me. The SleepWatch data was actually really good, super high heart rate dip, super high restful sleep percentage, there just wasn’t much of it. I’m starting to find it hard to concentrate and I still have three hours and 40 minutes to go.


I just had a customer’s request for a tweak to standard functionality forwarded to me and I really don’t think it’s something we are capable of doing and it’s making me stress out to a huge degree. It’s a big customer. An important customer. A customer who has asked us for things that, in granting their requests, has lead to some huge wins for my team over the last few months. I want to get this for them… I just don’t know if it’s possible without a huge redesign. I’m playing this out in my head and it’s making me sad.

Sad on top of tired. Crap.

On the upside, the kids started school today. Bellana’s junior year is underway. Harry’s freshman year is underway. We have two honest to goodness university students. How awesome is that?

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