I Could Use Some Caffeine

So, nana sitting. Last night sucked. About as bad as it gets. Nothing I couldn’t handle, but it really sucked.

This morning was worse than most mornings, in my experience, but not too terrible. Last night I had to give her an approved extra sleeping med. Her prescription is for one and two third pills per dose, but we only give her one and save the two thirds as a reserve for bad nights. She got the two thirds last night. It seems like the morning after the extra two thirds can be a little confusing. That was the case this morning. She came into the living room a little before 7:00am (the latest I’ve ever slept on my overnight shift) and asked where Dad was. I told her he’s still at the hospital. She said no, he came home last night. No, he didn’t, I said as my heart broke once again.

On a purely selfish level, the worst part of today by far has been the lack of caffeine. I bitched myself out for forgetting to bring soda last time and then here I am forgetting again this time. What a moron. Next time I’ll staple a post it note to my head to remind me. Dumb ass. I got about five hours of sleep last night. That plus a caffeine IV drip would get me through the day without issue. Instead I find myself feeling like Homer J Simpson in that episode where he fell asleep driving. Remember that one? Where the hell did that image come from? I haven’t seen that in at least 4361432543 years.

I have, however, added a couple of songs to the 50/90 pool. There’s that at least. Might try to sneak in a little more before I leave. There is talk of me playing World of Warcraft again soon so I have to balance the music and the fictional fantasy slaughter. hehe

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