Nana Sitting Again

Nana sitting once again. Jen and Harry are at home and I’m not. Harry had his first official day at his new job today. He had some remote orientation sessions last week, but he was on the premises today. He said it went well. He said there was air conditioning. Good thing. My Tuesday was stressful when it probably shouldn’t have been. I need to calm down but there is so much piling on right now that I don’t know how.

Tomorrow is July 1st which marks the day we have to start going back into the office. Not full time, we’re still mostly telecommuters, but it needs to be about an average of once per week. I worked out 4-5 days that will fit into my Nana Sitting schedule as well as our planned overnight trip to visit Bellana. We’ll see if I get pulled into anything that requires in-person attendance that will screw with my plans. Fingers crossed, I certainly hope not.

The Red Sox had a rain delay tonight but they should be starting soon. Game two of the Stanley Cup Finals is tonight. May Montreal suffer a humiliating loss at the hands of Tampa Bay. Distract me from my misery, please.

I am so sad that I’m not at home having Marvel Burgers for Dinner Night with Harry and Jen. Watching Loki, eating burgers and fries. Being together.

I hate this.

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