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I mentioned the other day that I watched two shows recently that ended with nuclear detonations. One was an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the other was the sixth season finale of Fear the Walking Dead which was so bad it may have been worse than the movie that the Satellite of Love riffed to shreds.

I’m doing what I always do after an episode of The Walking Dead or its spinoffs, I am listening to the recap on The Walking Dead ‘Cast. It’s nice to know that the folks on the show hated the episode as much as I did (possibly even more).

When discussing how everyone magically survived the nuclear explosions they mentioned a website that is really dark and awful and yet still interesting.


Enter a location on the map, select a bomb from a drop down list of known nuclear weapons, then click detonate. The map will display the areas directly affected by the explosion, including a break down of things like where the blast damage will be worst, where the fireball will extend to, how far out the damage will go.

I picked Boston because I know the area so well. Holy shit. The biggest bomb the USSR produced would have blast damage extending to Worcester in the West, Providence in the South, and Nashua in the North.

Holy shit.

I kinda wish I didn’t know that, but if you check out the site you might understand why kids who grew up in the 80’s are as screwed up as we are.

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