Well that was fun.

My father is coming home today and I think that’s messing with my mother’s head. We had an argument this morning, the first real argument we’ve had in this run of nana sitting. I had just come out of the shower and was starting to get my shit together for the day and she walked passed me and said she was going out. Ummm… what?

First it was that she needed to go home. This one comes up once in a while. I told her she was already home. No, this used to be home I need to go to the new home. Then it turned into she needed to go meet Dad. But Dad is already coming home today, you just have to wait here for him. No, I need to go to where he is. Do you know where he is? No. Then how can you go to where he is? I’ll find it. You don’t have a drivers license anymore. So? Are you going to walk to Concord? What’s in Concord? Dad. No, I’m not going to Concord. Then where are you going? I’m not telling you. And on and on it went for a solid five minutes or so.

That happened about an hour ago. There haven’t been any more discussion, and she hasn’t made a break for the door. I believe whatever she was thinking of has cleared up now. She sometimes has little moments of confusion when she wakes up. Today she had been awake for a couple of hours, but I think while I was in the shower she dozed off for a few minutes. I know she’s done this a few times when my sister was here, and I think my brother has seen it too. It’s not unusual, and in my limited experience she is able to figure things out on her own as she talks it through. Today felt similar but a little different. She was just so insistent that she had to leave the house, even though her reason to leave changed a whole bunch of times. She was a little pissed off at me for trying to stop her. I’ll take that.

On top of all of that, my work group is down by half today due to vacations and sick days.

I’m thinking today is going to suck in a big way. At least Dad is coming home. Keep focusing on that, Robert.

Addendum: She’s on the phone with my father. I just heard her say she wanted to go out and buy him something but, “Rob wouldn’t let me go.” Maybe she wasn’t confused, maybe she was just being secretive. Who knows.

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