Why Do I Still Care?

Fear the Walking Dead is on right now. Like, as in on actual live television.

I’m at my parents’ house tonight and I learned the hard way that the Verizon Fios app only streams live television when you’re on your account’s wifi network. Well that blows. The app wouldn’t work on my iPad, and the website wouldn’t work on my MacBook.

So I am watching it on my parents’ cable. Like, on an actual television rather than a computer pretending to be a television. It also means that starting about 8:51 I jumped through a ton of hoops in order to watch tonight’s episode. The real question I should be asking is why? Because… this show sucks.

Season three was pretty much perfect. Then they changed show runners. Season four was good to start with, but the second half was pretty bad. Season five was awful. Like, terrible. Like what the hell is going on here level rotten. The current season, season six, has been better but it’s still not even close to good.

Tonight’s episode, the third episode of season 6B which is probably supposed to be the second episode if not for Covid, started out with a call back to one of the dumbest things they did in the unwatchable fifth season. It’s just plain terrible… and I’m still watching.

Every week, I’m watching this idiotic insult to good writing.


What the hell is wrong with me? I could be binge watching Community on Netflix right now. I could be rewatching The Mandalorian. Hell, I could be binge re-watching all 10 seasons of The Walking Dead proper but I’m not. I’m watching this shit. I ask again, what the hell is wrong with me?

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