Heart Rate

Since I started keeping track of sleep stats a couple of years ago I have learned that one number is pretty much as important to a good night’s sleep as the amount of time I’m asleep. That number is the average sleeping heart rate dip.

For the last month or so my sleeping heart rate dip numbers have waffled between eh and uh. For the few months prior to that, my sleeping heart rate dip numbers were more like WOW!

What changed? Why are things different now?

Is it a statistical anomaly? I haven’t been exercising. Could it be that my heart rate dip is less because my daily average waking heart rate is lower due to not getting jacked through the roof while exercising?

Or am I just not sleeping as well because I’m not exercising? I bet I’m reading too much into this. Whatever, I need a nap.

Though for the record… my exercise ring on the Apple activity app has been closed for today. Let’s get back into it, fatty.

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