#RPM2021 Day 14

Hello and welcome to the half way point. 14 days down, 14 days to go.

I did a lot today. I also kind of lost track of what I did.

  • I wrote lyrics for two songs.
  • I finished the song form for one of the two remaining songs that were just a single phrase or two. I also wrote the melody and lyrics for that one.
  • I added rhythm guitars to three songs.

I think that was everything.

I haven’t updated my works in progress playlist with any of today’s changes. I might do that in the morning. I thought about doing some early morning car vocals tomorrow but my step son’s car is blocking my car in the driveway so that will wait until Tuesday.

So where do the 14 songs stand at this time?

  • Six songs have rhythm guitar, melody, and lyrics and are ready for vocals.
  • Two songs have rhythm guitars but no lyrics or melody yet.
  • Five songs are ready for rhythm guitars. Of those five, three have melody and lyrics, and one has just melody.
  • One song is still just a pair of eight bar bass/drum phrases without a song form.

That’s 14 songs and 14 songs is enough for a complete RPM Challenge album and a complete FAWM project. I’m hoping that within the next couple of days the rhythm guitars and a good chunk of the vocals will be done. If time permits I might try to finish some of the leftover January songs that I never got around to. I would have to redo the bass and drum parts in order to qualify for RPM, and they wouldn’t qualify for FAWM at all, so I won’t even look at them until the 14 in the pipe now are done.

And there you have it, the state of RPM at the midway point.

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