Almost Starting Time #RPM2021

One hour and 13 minutes from now it will be 12:00AM on February 1, 2021. In other words, just over an hour until the start of the RPM Challenge.

I’ve never felt less like playing the RPM game than I do right now, but it will be good for me, I think. Who knows. Musical therapy has been a theme for the last year. Maybe now I will make the best use of it. Who knows.

I have a new overdrive pedal to use in my new music nook. I haven’t plugged it in, let alone play through it. I haven’t setup the microphones on the new vertical two amp setup. I meant to finish off the last two songs for the re-recording project as a test drive for RPM but never got around to it. Life got in the way. What did John Lennon say? Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans?

I have no plans besides limiting myself to a wah pedal, a fuzz pedal, and a couple of overdrive pedals. I am going to use the ES-335 for no reason other than it feels the best at low volume. Two amps, the Vox AC15 and the Fender Bassbreakers. No wet dry or stereo silliness, just one signal split into two amps. Simple.

I don’t have the fascist in the white house to write about anymore, but I have plenty of nazis and nazi collaborators and (worse) nazi wannabees in the congress to complain about. Just because cheeto is gone doesn’t mean we’re in the clear. I’m guessing there might be some medical songs too. Who knows. Maybe I’ll force myself to write 10-20 songs about insects just to change things up.

I mean, it could happen.

To paraphrase the Iron Maiden song, 64 minutes to midnight.

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