A (musical) Personal Challenge

I took last night and tonight off from recording. After 50/90 I needed a breather. Mentally though… let’s just say that doing these stupid musical things is a source of therapy for me. It helps me keep my head straight when the Covid-19 nightmares threaten to take over.

Tomorrow after work I pick up on the October projects. First and foremost, get back to The Great Re-Recording Project of 2015 and record new versions of 10 old songs. It was going to be eight songs, but I tacked on one song from February’s RPM Challenge, and one song from the just finished 50/90. The goal is to make these new versions of old songs sound better than just home demos.

Once that is finished, spend the rest of the month writing and demoing as close to 10 new songs as possible. I doubt I’ll have time for 10, but I want to get as many as I can. I’ve reached this goal in each of the last eight months. I want to keep the streak going.

Rock on, brothers and sisters.

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