I Missed an Important Date

Today is September 14th. I missed an important anniversary yesterday.

September 13th marked six months since the start of the lock down.

No end in site.

I am still keeping track of the daily numbers for both Massachusetts and the United States. I added the Rt number as well. There was a time when Massachusetts was becoming the envy of the nation as our Rt number dropped to the lowest in the country. No more. It was 1.16 yesterday. I don’t have a number for today yet.

Schools are opening and the numbers are spiking. Some schools in MA are already switching to remote. They should all just stop screwing around and switch. New Hampshire should too. My step son is at home this week, but next week? Who knows.

Six months. We were originally expecting two weeks. This is insane. 194,000 corpses in the US and counting. I am so tired of this. It’s just exhausting.

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