I took a vacation day today. Originally it was so I could be around for my mother’s second dose of chemo. Then I was going to use the day to go to the doctor and get my thumb and my rash looked at. Now… with everything else done, and knowing that poison ivy can be irritated by sunlight and wanting to keep my tendinitis wrapped up, I think I am going to be inside the house and not playing the guitar all day. That and wondering how the chemo is going. I guess I’m just going to spend the day binge watching Agents of Shield.

What was I talking about?

We used instacart yesterday to get some itch relieve stuff. It came in a spray. The spray gets everywhere and it smells pretty powerful. Let’s find an alternative, shall we? Instacart just brought us a cream. I can put that cream on top of the steroid cream that hopefully will clear up the steadily growing nightmare that is my skin right now. I hope it works. The evil spray shit kinda worked… kinda. Kinda made more of a mess than anything else. We will see.

I haven’t taken my photo a day pic yet today. A little part of me wants to take a picture of the rash, but that would be way too gory and gruesome for the poor unsuspecting Flickr viewers. I mean… it’s really gross right now and while I was hoping a couple of doses of juice yesterday would help start to clear things up… nope. It’s worse than it was yesterday.

Instead, how about a picture of my sweet ace bandage. I’ll take it off when I need to play guitar.