Happy Birthday to Jeff Beck

Today is Jeff Beck’s 76th birthday. Happy Birthday to the only person left on my I-Need-To-See-Him-Before-I-Die musicians list. One of the Big Three Yardbirds lead guitarists. One of, if not THE, best guitar players ever to breath oxygen. Well… the best ever in the recorded era at least.

Whatever your taste in popular music, he’s been there and done that and been better than everyone else. Blues, R&B, rock, soul, funk, metal (in the 1970’s sense at least), Jazz, pop, electronic, industrial, he’s even dabbled in classical a couple of times.

He’s brilliant, and unlike all of his contemporaries he never lost a step. He’s as good, if not better, than he was in his youth.

The most important thing about Jeff Beck’s birthday? It’s also my brother and sister in law’s wedding anniversary. Happy 14th, John and Mary. And Many More!

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