One More Serial Number Fun Post

My Gibson ES-335 Pro was the 127th guitar stamped in Kalamazoo on Wednesday December 5, 1979.

My Gibson SG Standard doesn’t follow the same serial number method as my two 70’s Gibsons.  There is much less to play with now as the first two digits are the model year (not necessarily the year the guitar was built, kinda like cars) and the remaining seven digits are just a counter for that model year.  My guitar is the 22,586th 2018 model guitar.

I never noticed it before, but there is a Made in USA stamp on my Les Paul.  My ES-335 does not have a Made in USA stamp, but it does have SECOND in it’s place.  It was a factory second, kinda like clothes were a slight defect will keep the item from passing Quality Control, but it isn’t bad enough to stop it from selling at a slight discount.  I believe my 335 is seconded because of a hole in the finish on the back of the guitar.  It’s never bothered me in the slightest.

My SG includes both a Made in USA stamp and a 2018 Model stamp.  Just in case the serial number didn’t give it away.  I bought the SG new and I have all of the case candy.  That includes a filled out QC checklist card that is dated 10/12/17… so my 2018 guitar was actually made in 2017.  It has a model number too, SGS18HC… something or other… CM1, or CH1, or something like that.  The hand writing is a little tough to make out.  They also sent a picture of my guitar sitting on the QC work bench where it was apparently plugged into a Boss tuner pedal…. I don’t like Boss pedals.  That actually makes me sad.

As for the model number, SGS is SG Standard, 18 is the model year, HC is probably hard shell case.  The rest?  I don’t know, and Google doesn’t tell me anything.

Well, that’s it for serial numbers for my electric guitars.  I suppose I could go look at my Takamine acoustic 12-string but… I don’t wanna.

Happy Friday!

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