One Month

My personal social distance/quarantinish experience began when I left the office at 5:30PM on Friday March 13th.  Today is April 13th.  I’ve been at this for a full month.  I, like most of us, was initially expecting about two weeks.  I think by the time I punched in to work for my first full time working at home day on the 16th we all knew it was going to be longer than we thought.

We still don’t know how long it’s going to go on.  The nazi in the white house wants it all over by May, but he’s a nazi and doesn’t care if you live or die so his opinion is invalid.  The idea here is still to make life easier on those who are trying to save lives.  The president is more concerned with the bank accounts of the 1% than he is with saving lives.  That’s the only thing he’s made clear to the American people through all of this.  Money good, lives irreverent.  Of course the 1/2 of the country who worships him as their false god are falling right into line with his bullshit and that means more people are definitely going to die.

Political Rant Over.

Anyway, it’s one month for me.  It was one month a couple of days ago for my wife.  The exact date is fuzzier for the kids.  One was on spring break when it all started.  The other was in the middle of a somewhat confused response that is still being straightened out.  That’s not a criticism.  The school systems in the United States had to redefine their entire existence overnight.  It’s no wonder it was tough to figure out.  I applaud them all for the progress they’ve made.

So what I’m trying to say is, happy one month quarantinaversary, everyone.  Stay home!

One thought on “One Month

  1. As usual, I just HAD to comment! Just wanted to mention that the nazi in the white house not only wants his billionaire buddies to become trillionaires as quickly as possible, but he thinks that re-opening everything will boost his chances of getting re-elected. The down side to that, obviously, is more deaths — but if about half the country pretty much worships him (and the rest of us have a little common sense) then it’ll be most likely they who enthusiastically return to their old lifestyles, thus more likely of contracting coronavirus. Now, bear in mind that I certainly don’t wish this disease on anyone, but if those idiots follow Trump’s advice and begin to generally party and mingle with other people, and thus come down with the disease, then chances of his re-election go down, don’t they? If his followers are too sick to actually get out to vote… Just a thought.

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