On to Week Three

Happy Monday.  Welcome to work from home week three.  It seems like yesterday we still had a morning commute.  Ah, the good old days.

We’re dealing with it.  We got some groceries via Instacart this morning, only to find out that instacart’s workers are going to strike today.  I guess we snuck it in under the wire?  Those folks deserve hazard pay.  Give them what ever they want.

We are all still here and we are all still healthy.  I feel like I’m having a bad allergy day today.  My eyes are itchy and watery.  No fever.  I’m still COVID-19 symptom free and I’m hoping to keep it that way.  Social distance is working in our house, even if it’s not working nationwide.  Let me clarify, nationwide the social distance thing is likely helping things.  It’s just not eliminating things, the way those of us who view the world through rose colored glasses hoped.  Dig it?

I spent most of last week having terrible, terrible nights sleep.  It got a little better late in the week and then I had a couple of good nights over the weekend.  Last night was terrible again.  Do you think I’m stressing about something?

The kids are here today but they are going to their dad’s this afternoon and staying there for the next couple of days.  They both woke up at reasonably decent times, but I am pretty sure they both went back to sleep again.  I’m curious if their respective schools are going to implement standard class schedule times to stop students from flaking like that.  It’s not a school vacation, even if it is a disaster of global pandemic proportions.

I talked to my father over the weekend.  He and my mother are doing all right.  My sister threatened them with violence if they left the house but I don’t believe he’s exactly following that plan.  He’s been sneaking out to a drive up mailbox.  I can’t get upset for that.  Hell, I drove to a mall parking lot to sing some shitty songs this weekend.

We learned two card games this week in our attempt to entertain ourselves through the quarantinishness.  Whist, which is a game my father used to play every Monday and Friday night, and Spades.  I had played Spades back in the distant past but I don’t think I ever got it.  I was terrible but I’m much better now after two games this weekend.  I get it now.  Both games are variations on the same thing.  I can’t decide which one I preferred.  Maybe Whist because Jen and I are undefeated as a team (two wins, zero losses).

I’m tired.

I’m not hungry but I want to eat junk food.

My 12:00 meeting was cancelled.

We’re on to week three with no end in site.  I wanna go on vacation.  Some place where I can bitch about the big crowds of people.  Thanks for listening to my ted talk.

One thought on “On to Week Three

  1. Thank you for keeping up with your blog! It has been helping me a lot, to feel less isolated. I know you’re not crazy about comments, but I just HAVE to tell you that when this is all over, I definitely want to learn how to play both games. I can remember my folks talking about Whist parties back in the day, but even though my dad taught me how to play a lot of games (45’s being the main one) I guess he never thought of teaching me Whist. And Spades is on my favorite game site (Pogo) but I can’t play it because I don’t know how. So, we’re going to have to set aside a full day to teach me how to play both of these. Just letting you know so you and your beautiful bride are prepared!! LOL

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