I Am Done with 63 Minutes to Spare – #RPM2020

I am finished with my 2020 RPM Challenge album with 63 minutes to spare.  Kick ass, dudes!

I ended up with 18 songs, seven of which had two mixes.  I was going to go with half electric and half acoustic or something, and maybe have the alternate mixes as their own thing.  In the end I just listed to each song and put each one onto one of three lists:  Good, kinda good, crap.  The good list had 13 songs, kinda good had three, and crap had two.  I then listened to both mixes of any acoustic songs on the good list and decided which mix I liked better.  I was a little surprised that some of the cajon mixes were the better of the two.  Last I took the 13 songs on the good list and kinda sorta ordered them from my favorite to my least favorite, and that became the final album.

hearthis.at is being bitchy and won’t let me upload any new songs tonight.  The RPM Challenge website is completely down too.  The internets are being a jerk.  Alonetone, however, is five by five.  Here’s a link to the final record:

I Only Believe in Truth

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