The Time Has Come

The time has officially come. The grass needs to be mowed.


I had to literally dig the lawn mower out of the garage. All of the supplies for the bathroom remodeling job are in the garage now. We had planned to have it finished by the New Year. Whoops. That means all of the Spring time stuff is buried.

I was able to dig a path and get the mower out onto the drive way. Win #1. Then it started on the third pull. Win #2. Then I started mowing. 52 minutes later (approximately) the whole front and back yards were done. The whole thing. In less than an hour. I haven’t achieved a feat like that since I was a teenager. Where the hell did that come from?

Now my beloved wife and I are sitting in the living room. Every window and door on the first floor is currently open and the gorgeous spring breeze is blowing through the whole house. It’s perfect. I’m actually thinking of taking my guitar outside and working on some new song ideas. After the winter we just went though I want to spend as much time outside as I can!

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