Spring hasn’t sprung yet, but it is springing.

I think I say this every year, but maybe this year I’ll get new bird feeders. Maybe this year I’ll just get a second double post with a second squirrel baffle and a second pair of feeders and feed twice the number of birds.

Probably not, but maybe.


The temperature today hit 72 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s like… spring.

Of course the downside is when I took out the trash, stepped on the lawn, and sank into the swamp like mud field.

It’ll be so worth it once the effin’ snow is gone.

I’m exhausted, my eyes are so tired that they are making my head hurt. First thing I do once this Covid shit is over is get new glasses. Second is get my Les Paul fixed up like new. Okay, maybe not second.

I’m Tired of Snow

I don’t have anything really important to add to the universal discussion today. Just working the day through. I’m on lunch right now, in the last few minutes of my break, and I just wanted to state to the public that I am sick and tired of snow.

It’s March 8th. Spring is less than two weeks away. The entire ground is still covered with snow. I’m tired of it. I want to see grass again, even if it’s dead grass. I’m done with snow. I want it gone. Screw you snow. Screw you winter. It’s our second Covid-19 March and if we have to suffer through more lock down then I want my freakin’ Springtime and I want it right freakin’ now.

Thank you. I patiently await the Universe’s response.


Oh praise be to whatever gods control Spring yard work, our lawn mower started and ran without issue! (well… it took a while to get rolling, but once it did, aces!)

Our streak of Springtimes with dead lawnmowers may have ended at two! So far at least. I only did 2/3 of the front yard and there is still oodles of time left for this bad ass mother fucker to die, but so far so good!

Oh yeah, also MY BACK HURTS SO MUCH!

Memory Fail

I had something that I wanted to write a post about but I can’t remember what it was.  Don’t get old, kids.  It sucks.

I already mentioned recording some guitars.  Three songs underway.  I posted a to do list earlier and all but one thing is done.  I swept and mopped the dining room floor, I filled the bird feeders, I started watching two shows on Netflix, Money Heist and The End of the F***ing World.  Two episodes into each and so far they are all right.  I can’t tell if End of the World is a black comedy, or an ugly drama that is sometimes funny.  Trying to answer that question is taking me out of it a little.

I got a delivery of replacement parts for my CPAP machine last week and I finally got around to putting the new parts onto the machine.  Everything that could be changed has been.  New hose, harness, mask, filter, and (for the first time) reservoir.  Also, reservoir is a difficult word to spell.

But what the hell was it that I wanted to write about?

I don’t know.  I give up.

It’s really hot out and it’s big time spring and my mild allergies are flaring up like mad.  Probably because all of the windows are open and I just went outside a couple of times.  My head feels a little stuffy and funky.  I’m going to go flake.  Talk to you later.


This is what the freshly fallen snow from last night looks like when it’s 47 degrees out.

Our rain gutter has the tiniest of holes… this is the result. I should seal it with chewing gum, MacGyver style.

Happy Spring, at Last

Winter is dead, long live the spring.

And while we’re at it, hows about you go and choke on a big bag of dicks, winter.  You prick.

The forecast for the first day or spring is temps in the mid 60’s and a 74% chance of rain.  Pretty much the text book spring day.

California is telling the entire state to shelter in place (assuming the headline I read this morning is correct, of course).  New York is in a worse state than California and they have said they will not do the same (assuming the stories I read yesterday are correct, of course).  We haven’t heard anything along those lines from Massachusetts and New Hampshire yet.  No one I know is sick… yet.  Statistically speaking it’s just a matter of time.  As of yesterday’s state health department update there are 328 confirmed cases in Massachusetts.  The expectation is that there are probably more like 6,000.  At least that’s what they said yesterday.  The CDC count has the United States over 10,000.  I have to guess the real number is also much higher.

There is nothing we can do about it beyond the meager steps we are taking now.  We’re staying home, we’re avoiding contact as much as we can.  We’re trying to avoid going stir crazy.  Last night Jen and I got in the car and drove around.  We didn’t go anywhere.  We took the highway north a couple of exists and then took the backroads back.  It was nice to get out.

I am feeling disconnected from everyone outside of the house.  I sent some emails and texts and facebook messages yesterday.  I just want to make sure everyone is still out there.  They are.  All is well.

Just hang in there, people, and don’t forget to wash your damn hands.