Very Short OS X Mavericks Review

I updated both of my Apple computers to OS X Mavericks. I haven’t really done much on the iMac since upgrading. I’ve been using the MacBook Pro while watching the two World Series games. I have two things to note about Mavericks:

1. The Good. I used to get about two hours, maybe a little less, worth of battery time. Since upgrading, I’ve gone from 99% down to 93% in about 30 minutes. That seems like a really good start as far as the battery life improvements go. Granted, I haven’t done anything more involved than posting to Twitter, reading Facebook, and posting this update to WordPress. Nothing major, but still a good start.

2. The Bad. I don’t know if this is related or not, but the time to boot up is insane. It’s like Windows bad. Really bad. I didn’t time it, but it took a seriously long time. I was very disappointed.

That’s all I have for a Mavericks review. I hope it helps you, loyal readers.

And in case you were wondering, David Ortiz just hit a two run home run to give the Red Sox the lead in the sixth inning of game two.

Go Red Sox!

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