Do Something

It’s 9:30pm. I’m sitting at my desk on a Windows machine (why?) watching last Friday’s That Pedal Show (finally) and thinking that I should post something without having any clue what to post.

TV? I finished Foundation last night. Two thumbs up, says the guy who never read the Azimov books. I watched both Walking Dead spin offs today. World Beyond was good. Fear wasn’t. At least I don’t think it was. I have to fess up that it was so boring I was barely paying attention to any of it.

That Pedal Show has an old SR&D Rockman headphone amp on the board. I haven’t gotten far enough into the episode for them to use it, but it did send me on a hunt. I used to own a Rockman headphone amp. Which model was it? Ebay and Reverb searches make me think that it was a Soloist. The original Rockmans apparently had a little gain control on the back. Mine didn’t. I know it wasn’t an X100 because my memory seems to think that the X100 was the latest and greatest model when I bought mine and I didn’t want to pay the full price so I bought an older model used. I used to use it to record a direct line into Mike’s Fostex cassette 4-track recorder. Larry had a couple of the rack units. The Sustainer, the Stereo Chorus and the Delay… was it called the Stereo Delay? I can’t remember. I do know the Sustainer was awesome as a direct signal into the 4-track. I would think about buying a Soloist for the nostalgia value, but I don’t want to spend $100. I need them to be cheaper than that.

Okay. So I am going to get into bed and maybe watch a little more That Pedal Show, or maybe go look for a new TV show, or maybe just watch a random Futurama, or maybe just go to sleep. As mentioned in a previous post, I am so freakin’ tired.

Until next time, good night everyone.

Not To Fear

No Fear the Walking Dead hate watch tonight. It’s going to have to wait until tomorrow. We all watched Life of Brian instead.

I’ll see about sneaking in World Beyond before work tomorrow. Fear the walking dog shit will have to wait for tomorrow night. I just need to make sure I get them both in before The Walking Dead ‘Cast comes out on Tuesday.

How Do You Spell Masochist?

Self torture, thy name is Robert.


I just watched last night’s episode of Walking Dead World Beyond. My spoiler free review of the episode? Meh. Just like all of the World Beyond episodes. It’s not terrible, it’s just dull.

That’s it, right? End of post, right?

I am a moron at heart so no, that’s not it. Four minutes ago I started last night’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead. It’s already one of the dumbest things I ever watched. In the previously on recap we watched two characters out-run a nuclear bomb blast. No, seriously. That happened. They out ran a nuclear explosion. Seeing that on the recap ties this episode for the dumbest episode in television history. It’s tied with the episode the scene originally came from.

Last night when 9:00pm came along I told myself I was done. Completeness be damned, I was not going to watch that idiotic, terrible, horrible, no good show again (unless I go back and rewatch season one through three, especially three which was friggin brilliant)… and now here I am watching the new episode.

Friggin idiot.

ADDENUM: Saved by the unconscionably shitty AMC app. I started watching on my laptop. It worked fine. After the last post I thought I’d get into bed and watch the rest on my iPad using the AMC app. Last nights episode is only available if you’re logged in. I refuse to create an AMC account so that’s out. I then tried to watch in a browser. It won’t load the episode. Fuck. You.

World Beyond: Spoiler Free Review

Here’s a spoiler free review of the season two premier of Walking Dead World Beyond…

It’s just so…. Gimple, you know?

A full season getting from point A to point B followed by PSYCH! Fooled you.

It’s not a bad episode it’s just…. Gimple, you know what I mean? It’s so Gimple.

Sunday Night

Sitting in my room waiting for the new episode of the walking dead spin off, World Beyond to start. I had a horrible sleep yesterday, but an epic super sleep last night. I raked a chunk of the front yard this afternoon and I did my 30 minutes of exercise, and somehow all of these things have combined to make me super tired tonight. I’m so tired my eyes are blurring.

I just started tonight’s fast. I’ve been playing with intermittent fasting for 82 days. This is my 82nd fast in a row. I haven’t missed a day. Who woulda thunk it? I doubt my weigh in on Tuesday will go well but given that it’s Thanksgiving, I think anything that isn’t a huge increase will be a win. Also… I might be imagining this… I can’t say for sure… but I think my jeans might be feeling a smidge loose today.

Is Walking Dead World Beyond good? We get the last two episodes of the first season tonight and I still can’t tell for sure. It’s not bad, I can say that with some certainty. I just can’t figure out if it’s good. Gimple, am I right? I just wish AMC would have more variety in their commercials. I mean, if you’re going to blitz us with a commercial break every four minutes, the least you could do is mix it up a little.

Okay. Shows on and my eyes are giving up the fight. I, your humble narrator*, will talk to you tomorrow.

*The “your humble narrator” is a reference to A Clockwork Orange. David Prowse was in that movie. He passed away today. He was in another memorable movie. He didn’t have any lines but his character did. He played the character on screen and then some guy named James Earl Jones added the voice later. What was the character that David Prowse played?

Darth Vader.

Rest in peace, Lord Vader.

Caught Up

I am now caught up on both The Walking Dead and the new spin off, World Beyond.

Is World Beyond good? I don’t know. It feels kinda…. Scott Gimple, if you know what I mean. I’ll watch episode two and reevaluate. The soundtrack included a PJ Harvey song which was fantastic, but it’s not one I knew.

At the very least, World Beyond can’t be worse than the last season of Fear the Walking Dead. Season five was the worst season of television I’ve ever subjected myself to. Season six starts on Sunday. Will I watch it? Damn it… I probably will. Idiot.

Now go give PJ Harvey’s Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea a spin. Go on. Do it.