Week 23 Weigh In

Happy Wednesday Weigh In, once again. 23 weeks post surgery and nothing but a lifetime left to go. My 10’s column changed again so let’s celebrate.

I am down 3.6 pounds. That brings me down to 287.2. 300 pounds seems very far away now. Happiness. Granted, 300 would feel more comfortably far away if I was down to 187.2, but we’ll jump off that bridge should we ever come to it, m’kay?

I just earned myself an Apple Watch activity app award. Most calories burned in a single workout. I was doing my walkies while watching the new episode of Andor and I hit that 3.2 mile (simulated) goal without realizing it. I didn’t notice that I could allow myself to stop until I was almost at four miles (simulated), so I just kept going. 4.02 miles in 45:21 for 758 calories. My exercise goal for today has been obliterated, and my calorie goal is over 75% done. I think I am in good shape for closing that ring today. Hurrah, babie.

Speaking of goals, I didn’t hit my protein goal of 60 grams yesterday. I was super close, 58.38, but I didn’t get there. I had some trouble with my lunch and I didn’t want to push things at dinner so I kept it a lot smaller than usual. I will do better today, guaranteed.

My next check in at the clinic is on Tuesday. Everything is going well so I expect that appointment to feel like a formality. Here’s hoping it all stays on track.

Shit is About to Get Real

I just had my Zoom call with the dietician. Woah boy, here it comes.

Insurance requires me to have sign off from a psychologist, a cardiologist, and a dietician. I already had psych and cardiology. The psychologist* told me that I would know things are close when they scheduled a second meeting with the surgeon.

The call I had today said the next step is a second meeting with the surgeon.

I have the dietician’s sign off.

Holy shit. This thing could actually be happening. Still zero clue on a timeline, but the thing I was told would be the sign that surgery is imminent is the next thing I have to do.

In the immortal words of the guy from Quantum Leap:

Woah boy.

*Should I be capitalizing the names of the departments? Should I be capitalizing psychologist when I am referring to a specific psychologist without using his/her/their name? Grammar is a bitch, you know?

Admitted for the Night

My mother is still in the hospital. She’ll be there overnight. She has a UTI but she’s in a lot of pain. They are admitting her. That’s a good thing, I think, but she’s not happy about it.

Work has been stressful AF today, as the kids these days like to say. That combined with my mother’s situation has been enough to keep me from stressing over my own doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I am going to see the Cardiologist. I need Psych, Cardiology, and Dietary to sign off on my weight loss surgery. Psych is all set. Cardiology is next. Dietary will be on going for a while longer. I don’t know how much longer, I just know it’s on going.

I don’t know what they are going to do to me tomorrow. I’m assuming an EKG or something. I have my fingers crossed that it won’t involve a stress test. I need this to go well. I’m not feeling the terror I usually feel leading up to an appointment, but it’ll probably come soon enough.

The contractor is coming back this afternoon. There’s another one coming tomorrow. After that? I don’t know. My in-the-office day will be Wednesday this week instead of Thursday. That’s probably going to mess up my internal calendar in a big way. I’ll live.

Okay. Lunch break over. Back to work.

PS: It’s NHL trade deadline day today and the Bruins just picked up another defenseman. Also, I heard they extended DeBrusk? The guy who’s been asking for a trade all year. Interesting. I’m cool with that.

Okay, now back to work.

Surgery: Chosen

I’m home from meeting the doctor who will hopefully be chopping up my innards. The meeting went well as far as I can tell (rhyme!). She talked over the two bariatric surgery options including the pros and cons and I decided which one I want to have. I’ll probably tell ya’ll which one at some point. More likely there will be some future post where I mention it as if you all know what it is already. As if all of you millions of readers hang on every word, right? I’m totally not talking to myself here… crickets… well, talking to myself and a slew of spam accounts… crickets…

Next week I have a Zoom call with the Dietician. I am dreading that one because that’s when I expect to be told all of the delicious and wonderful things I will never be able to eat again. We all know it’s coming. Caffeine and carbonation were just the tip of the banned iceberg. I’m ready for it though. I won’t like it, but it will absolutely be worth it in the end. Don’t forget, in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make. So there. Suck on that, diet pepsi.

Now what do you say I go cook some dinner for my Valentine? Let’s do that.