Thursday Morning Musings

It’s September 30th. How the hell did we get here so fast? Yesterday and today the outside temperature when we woke up was cold enough for jackets. It just sucks. Covid ate two summers in a row, but they both flew by so fast anyway that I feel like we would have missed them even without Covid. Crud.

I forgot to mention this yesterday, but yesterday was the 11th anniversary of our buying this house. Our 11th Homeownerversary, if you will. I didn’t do anything to celebrate then, but I did today. I went downstairs to do laundry. While downstairs I looked for leaks and water on the floor. I didn’t find any. Oh happy day. I think there is probably some water under the floor tiles in a few spots still, but nothing visible. I need to run the dehumidifier for a few days to clean up the hidden stuff (in theory at least. Will it work? Who knows).

We are going to see the kids this weekend. Bellana asked if we could bring up some Fall clothes for her. I offered to wash everything first. Big mistake, Robert. There is so much laundry to do. So much. Mountains and piles and piles and mountains (I am exaggerating, yes, but there is a lot of it. A lot). I hope to have it all done tonight.

We missed the new What If last night. Jen was tied up at work and by the time that was wrapped up and dinner was done Harry was busy with homework. We’ll try the watch party thing again tonight. Last night we were going to mess up the tradition by not having burgers, but we can fix it tonight. Jen suggested veggie burgers. Consider it done.

And now, on to work. Happy Thursday, folks.

Every Inch of Me Hurts

Did you see my last post? Can you deduce what’s going on based on it? If I told you that every single cell in my body is sore right now and that I am drenched with sweat from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, would that help you figure it out?

If all of the subtext doesn’t give it away then you’re shit out of luck because I ain’t typing it until everything is over and done with. I’m pretty sure we’re past the point of no return now, but there is no way on this Earth that I am jinxing things. No way at all.

I got to my parents house at about 6:40 tonight and it was more or less balls to the wall until about 9:30 or so. My brother and sister were here too and they were in the same boat. I screwed up my regular intermittent fasting schedule tonight (he says as he stuffs a miniature Hersey bar into his maw). I was supposed to start fasting at 9:00pm but at 9:30 I had gone 3.5 hours without eating and after all the physical labor I was going to faint with hunger. So the fast will start late tonight, and very likely end early tomorrow. It’ll probably remain screwed up through Friday as well. After that I might be able to get back on track.

Speaking of food, at dinner tonight we were able to do a watch party with Harry. We watched season one episode four of What If. It was dark. Like… really dark. They are saying the second Doctor Strange movie is going to be a straight up horror movie, and if that’s the case tonight’s episode may have been a warm up to prepare everyone. I’m talking dark, but still really good.

What else is going on tonight? I don’t expect I’ll be getting a lot of sleep tonight. I’m super wound up tonight and I have to be up before dawn(ish) tomorrow. I have to do a little laundry tonight, and I want to get some 50/90 writing in to sort of calm my fat ass down a little. Maybe I’ll write something dark and blame What If.

Okay. To the laundry I go. We’ll figure the rest out later. Fingers crossed and no jinxes, dig?