Buying In

Methuen has had a recycling pick up for as long as we’ve been living here (I think). I’ve never really participated. They changed the trash pickup process on us last week and it includes a huge recycling barrel. Okay. I’m buying in now. So much so that we have a recycling barrel in the mudroom, right near our regular trash barrel.


Let the sorting and separating commence.

Saturday Morning

I slept in my own bed last night. Actually, I slept in A bed last night. My wife was with me. My step son was down the hall in his room, my cat was crawling all over us and purring like a purr machine.

We watched The Suicide Squad last night. It was awesome but too gory for Jen and she had to bail. Sorry sweetie. We then watched the episode of Parks and Rec where Letters to Cleo played the Unity Concert and Kay Hanley winked at whatshisname and Jen and Harry thought it was funny because me and Larry and Mike would have KILLED for a sliver of attention like that back in the 90’s. I bet Mike still has that water bottle that he took from the stage after a show at… The Paradise? Was it a solo show at The Lizard Lounge? I forget. I just remember that show at Merrimack College when she eviscerated the schmuck who was trying to slam dance (pick your spots, moron) and she stopped the show to tear him a new one and the three of us all simultaneously concluded that she is in fact the greatest front person in all of rock and roll past, present, and future.

Today I cleaned up the trash off the yard after the rodents knocked over the barrels again. Harry was nice enough to do it yesterday and all his hard work was ruined by a family of plague and rabbis infested squirrel pricks. Then I vacuumed up Lake Asshole in the cellar which has been forming for much longer than I ever let it form before, and it’s still smaller than it was regularly getting… so that’s good? I guess?

And while doing all of these chores I was just so friggin’ happy that I was doing them at my house for my family and not doing them at my parents house.

It is so good to be home.

Trash Barrel Success

I did it. I faked out the residents of back yard wild kingdom.

A couple of months ago I bought two new outside garbage barrels. Big suckers with lids and everything. While cleaning the garage I moved them from their winter home, the garage, to their summer home, outside next to the garage. We went a whole week with trash in the new barrels and not a single animal made it through the lids.


At least until the squirrels decide to gnaw their way though, of course. Until then… Success!