Thumbs Up

Just a quick note here. (Might this be better as a Tweet? Probably. Maybe a Facebook post? Nope, the Facebook boycott is still going strong)

The kids are here and Bellana gave the Tewksbury Tweets I made last night a thumbs up.

Dessert success! Culinary Win! My work here is done!

Project Work

I don’t work in a software development group. I work in a customer service group. Every now and then though the programmers in my group are asked to pitch in and help Development hit a deadline, or take on a project when Dev doesn’t have enough staff to go around at that moment.

We recently took on two projects that were pieces of a much larger collection of projects. We were hoping to get the first project done by April or May, and then immediately start on the second project. Instead we brought in another programmer and worked on both of them concurrently with a goal for completion by mid-June.

Today is June 15th. Literally the middle of June.

As of about an hour ago, both of our projects are complete.

In the immortal words of a beer commercial from back in the 80’s…

It’s Miller time.

Awesome job, guys.

RPM Challenge – Day 28 – FINISHED

The clock struck midnight as I was typing this. My MacBook battery is down to 13%.

The last songs are finished. I even added a new song while I was waiting for the kids to get out of karate. It’s just a really silly 90 second long 12-bar that I probably should have left off the final CD but didn’t.

Here’s the playlist at alonetone. I’ll get it to bandcamp and add it to my music page some other time.

The alonetone playlist is displaying but it’s not playing, so here is the same playlist on soundcloud. This will be deleted eventually, but the alonetone one will live forever (so long as the site stays up).