Ready to Go

I’m just about to punch into work for a while. Working on Saturdays is the pits, but there is a chance I can help a customer through something huge so I don’t mind it.

I checked the cellar. The bucket under the leak is empty. So is the wetvac and the dehumidifier.

Jen just did some massive upgrades to our wifi and the down and up speeds are through the roof. Thanks, Jen!

Okay. Time for some work. Wish me luck.

Saturday Recap

What did I accomplish today?

I mowed the front yard, the side yard, and about 20% of the back yard. I had dinner and a movie with Harry and Jen which included Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I swapped out the five gallon Poland Springs cooler bottle. I successfully did not forget to put the patio furniture away (I almost did but then I didn’t). I carried a gigantic desk into the office. I cleaned up a surprising amount of cat vomit.

It doesn’t look like much on paper but my back is killing me which makes it feel like a lot. I’m going to sneak some laundry in before bed too which is kinda like icing on the Saturday cake.

Cool. Bring on Sunday.