Sorry, Birds

I took the trash out this morning. When I opened the door I scared the shit out of two birds who were sitting on the steps.

Sorry, birds.

I walked down the steps and across the driveway to get to the barrels and I scared the shit out of a rabbit that was hiding between the cars.

Sorry, bunny.

I didn’t see any squirrels when I got to the barrels but I flipped them off in general, purely out of spite.

Fuck you, squirrels.

Back inside, I changed the cat’s litter box. When I took that bag out to the trash I scared the shit out of a chipmunk that was sitting on the step.

Sorry, chipmunk.

I dropped the bag full of discarded litter box contents into the trash barrel. The same barrel that the squirrels gnawed their way into so they can eat everything.

Eat cat shit, squirrels.

Bunnies Do Not Lay Eggs

I was just informed that due to Easter many people seem to believe that bunnies actually lay eggs. Allow me to take this opportunity to inform the universe that bunnies are mammals and therefore they do not, in fact, lay eggs. There is definitive proof of this so don’t go telling me I need to do more research or whatever the fuck the flat earth morons say when they are shown proof and don’t want to accept it.

Bunnies do not lay eggs.


Back Yard Wilderness

I created a new set on Flickr to hold all of the pictures I take of various wild animals who come and visit our back yard.  I haven’t decided whether or not to include the snake I saw in the cellar today.