Photo a Day

Today’s photo a day photo is both cats, taken with my iPhone.


I took two bites of my lunch at about 1:30 and it set off the foamies. DAMN IT. It’s been an hour and I still can’t eat… and I am hungry, and the chicken patty and french fries look and smell sooo good. I am pissed off at myself right now.

The photo a day post is meant to distract myself from being stupid.

Stupid Robert, failing at eating.

Photo Fun

So the photo a day challenge thing was super easy to do during the Disney World vacation. Now that we’re home I’m finding it tough. I’m still up to date, but we’ve gone from wonderful Disney views to shit like this:


Oh well.

I saw both of my parents today. It was rough. My father has been sick with a cold since leaving the hospital so we haven’t been able to bring him to see my mother. During that time my mother also tested positive for Covid, so it’s been a consistent kick in the scrotum. Today I was able to bring my father to the nursing home to see my mother. It was heartbreaking. My father was desperate to see her, but when we got there she was completely unresponsive. I was able to feed her some of her lunch, and my father held her hand, but she wasn’t really there, if you know what I mean. Over all I think the trip did help my father’s state of mind, a little at least. It was worth it even if it was hard to bare.

To pile on, the kids are gone. Harry drove back to school today. Bellana goes back to school tomorrow, but she is staying at her Dad’s tonight. Sad faces all around. Sure we had them for two full weeks during vacation, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want more time. Greed is good, as Gordon Gecko once said. Did I get that name right? Michael Douglas in Wall Street, right? Whatever.

Further bad news, my vacation is over tomorrow and I have to go back to work. Also, I have an ass load if work that has to be done with a deadline on Tuesday. Yippee! Way to plan that one out, fat boy.

On an unrelated positive note, The Last of Us series will premier on HBO tonight. A new zombie(adjacent?) show, just in time for the end of The Walking Dead. I’m looking forward to having the shit scared out of me.



Daniel Webster Highway in Nashua, NH, as seen from The Great Glass Elevator (aka Bernie and Phyl’s). We went furniture browsing. Not shopping, just browsing. I couldn’t resist.

Planning and Postscript

Two things. First, says it is going to be sunny in the morning. I am going to try to get up around sunrise and go find a place in the city to take some film photo tests. Maybe just downtown before everything opens. Maybe the cemetery near the railroad station. Maybe the castle ruins. Maybe something else. I don’t know, but I want to do it and I only want to bring dad’s film camera. We’ll see what (if anything) happens.

Second, In regards to the previous post, Jen read an article tonight saying that people recovering from Gastric Bypass surgery probably should not try to eat broccoli until after three months or so. Something about the fiber causing food to get stuck. Well then I’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but I do feel perfectly fine at the moment. No worries.

Bonus third topic. I am in the middle of a third straight photo a day project thingie on Flickr. Every day for two years and nine months I have taken a picture with my iPhone. As of now, 9:14pm, I have not taken a picture with my iPhone. The streak lives, however, because I have taken a picture with my D90 and it’s on Flickr. The streak continues, babie!

Ain’t she sweet?


Photo Geek Backup Plan

It was the last day of August 2019. Jen, Harry, and I had just played nine holes of par three golf and were out somewhere for lunch. Among the many things discussed were Flickr’s photo a day challenge (why?) and a scene in Family Guy where Peter takes a selfie a day for a year and turns it into a video. The next day I started a photo a day thing that has lasted for over two years now. I also started using an app to take a selfie a day and turn it into a video. I stopped that after one year, but a couple of months ago, while in my brief, ultimately unnecessary, quarantine adventure, I started another one.

The original idea behind the selfie a day app was that if I forget to take a photo one day, maybe I will have taken a pic for the selfie thing and I could use that. In the 2019/2020 photo a day thing it never happened. In the 2020/2021 photo a day thing it wasn’t an option, but it still never happened. In the current 2021/2022 photo a day thing… it happened yesterday.

I did take a picture of something but I deleted it. I think I took a picture of a letter where the text was too small for old people to actually read. I didn’t think that counted for the photo a day thing (why?) so I trashed it. Today I realized that I never took another pic through the entire day. But wait! Yes I did! I have a notification for the selfie a day app that posts at lunch time and I took that pic! I downloaded it, sent it to Flickr, and BAM! Back on track, babie!

Another Year

First of all, my wife today referred to our basement as Lake Asshole without me prompting her. It is true, this stupid blog is corrupting people left and right. Insert maniacal laugh here.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled post:

One year ago today I posted a picture that I took with my iPhone. It marked the completion of the Flickr Photo a Day Challenge thing. 366 days (2020 was a leap year) with at least one photo. Success. I had tried that challenge a bunch of times and crashed and burned each time.

The next day (one year ago tomorrow) I still took another picture. The day after that I did it again. I wasn’t planning on doing another photo a day thing, it was just Covid-19 pandemic-land and I had to keep my locked down self entertained somehow, right? A few days into September there was a day where I did not take a still photo, but I did take a video of the cat doing something. Eventually I created an album on Flickr called “Not Doing a 365, but…”

Well… assuming that one video counts for a 365 project (notice I didn’t call it a photo a day this time, that’s a technicality, but it’s my project so I make the damn rules so blah), I just completed the 365 I wasn’t actually doing. That picture of the two wheel dolly I posted earlier? Yeah, that was the pic for day 365. So not only have I completed a photo a day thing after trying and failing over and over again so many times… I’ve now done it twice without a break in between. It’s not a 366 or a 365, it is a 731….

….and counting.

September 1, 2019 through August 31, 2021.

Good heavens, what a nerd!