My Gut’s Last Day

Hello and welcome to Tuesday May 3, 2022. The last full day with my stomach and small intestine working in their DNA designed manner.

At some point tomorrow my digestive system will have an entirely new workflow.

I’m on my pre-op liquid diet and I’m literally afraid to do anything. They told me I can have all the protein shakes I want today, but should I? What if a bit of powder doesn’t dissolve right and it acts like food and sits in my stomach and they have to postpone?

Right. Relax, red head. Go drink a shake, you paranoid doofus.

Are They Coming For Me?

There’s been a helicopter circling around within earshot for about 30 minutes now. It probably means there’s an accident or a traffic situation out on the highway that isn’t far from here.

Either that or The Man is coming for me. Henry Hill style.

Stir that gravy!*

*I am guessing I’ve made that particular Goodfella’s joke on this here blog thingie at least a thousand times. It’s okay, so long as you don’t make the call from inside the house.

Another Miss

Another missed car music opportunity today. I actually have time to go, I just don’t want to. I’m more focused on my weight loss surgery non-appointment. I thought it was at Lowell General Hospital, but it’s actually in Chelmsford. No worries. I have the address, I just didn’t look at it before. Fear, ya know?

I don’t know the timeline for this process. In my tiny little brain I assumed it was about a year. I hope it’s at least a little less than that. Jen thought she heard it was about six months. That would be okay with me. With fingers crossed and knocking on all of the wood I say that we are hoping the pandemic will let us to go Disney World next January. I need to either be through the surgery and recovered and back on my feet again by then, or I need to hold off until we get back.

There is also the question of whether or not the pandemic bitch will cause the hospital to stop doing elective surgery. I know some hospitals are in that boat right now. Hopefully that doesn’t become an issue.

Sorry for all of these posts. It’s just kind of what’s on my mind right now. I’m hoping we’ll get through it together, right?

Pre-Weigh In Nerves

I was down huge after week one. I was down big after week two.

We’re getting ready to leave to go in for the week three weigh in… I don’t think I’ll be down big this week. I stayed on the simple start foods list, but I feel like I just had too much of everything. I had a full week of hungry horrors. It was tough. I’m still hoping for good results, but I’m not expecting much.

Wish me luck!