I’m still making my way through the audiobook version of Neil Peart’s Ghost Rider as part of the on-going Neil Elwood Peart Memorial Festival.  In this morning commute’s “reading” (was it in a letter to Brutus?  Most of the book is letters to Brutus) he mentioned Nantucket.  He didn’t go there, although I did get a mention of riding through Massachusetts today, he just mentioned it.

I’ve never been to Nantucket.  I have never been to Martha’s Vineyard either.  Growing up we used to take occasional weekend escapes to Cape Cod, but its been over 30 years since I’ve crossed the bridge.  I’d like to go back.  I’d like to see the islands.  Maybe this summer I can talk the family into making a mid-week escape.  Getting to the Cape on the weekends is hell on Earth, so it would need to be a mid-week thing.

Today’s “reading” also included a discussion of the Pacific Coast Highway.  Jen and I have driven on some stretches of that road.  Hearing about it today made me miss California.  It made me miss the Pacific ocean.  It made me want to go back to San Diego.  It made me want to stick my toes in the water again.  It made me want to drive through the mountains to the desert and see Julian.  Neil’s description of the Saltan Sea was far from favorable, but Jen and I drove out to it once and even though it was bordering on ghost town I wouldn’t mind seeing that again.  What about Joshua Tree?  What about Palm Springs?  We drove through that town once, but didn’t stop anywhere.

Our last few big trips have been to Florida, and our next one will be as well.  After that there’s another one on the agenda for next year too.  I love going there and I will never say no to an opportunity.  I just don’t want to get used to it.  I don’t want it to become common enough that it stops feeling special.  I also want to go to other places.

Ah, just ignore me as I fantasize about world traveling.  I just need a vacation.


While looking for something else today I discovered that it was on this date, May 6th in 2009, just a few weeks before our wedding, that I signed up for my Flickr account. Flickr Pro, of course.

Here’s a picture from our honeymoon to celebrate.

San Diego, of course. Here’s hoping we get back there again this year!

Happy Seventh Flickrversary!

3.67 Years

It was April 27, 2012. That was my last full day in San Diego, CA. Three years and slightly less than eight months. That is way too long. I’ve been there three times. On my honeymoon in June of 2009, then with the kids in August of 2011, then with the kids and Jen’s folks in April of 2012. We haven’t been back since. No wonder it feels like it’s been an eternity since last I dipped my toes into the Pacific… it has been an eternity!

2012-04-27 - Cove and Sunset 215

See the dude with the guitar? Just make him a lot taller, a lot heavier, give him a mop of glow in the dark red hair, and give him a much, much cooler guitar. That is what I’ll look like when I’m living on the beach, busking for change, and playing music to the largest swimming pool on the Earth.

Make it so!

Too Soon for Cabin Fever?

Is it too soon to start showing signs of cabin fever, or seasonal affected disorder or whatever it’s called?

I’m getting that time-to-move-to-California-and-spend-my-days-busking-on-the-beach frame of minds. The traffic, the weather, the feeling run down, the cold and flu, and general blah are all conspiring against my sanity right now.

And it’s not even officially Winter yet.

2012-04-27 - Cove and Sunset 401

Just photoshop a picture of me sitting on the sand strumming my 12-string.


Goals for the Sun and the Ocean

My goal, never stated until today and pretty much unachievable, is to catch a sunrise or a sunset from each state that borders an ocean and has a good East or West angle. I have New England covered. Rhode Island and Connecticut both border the ocean, but they both face the wrong direction. Rhode Island has a bay that faces East, but I sort of don’t think that counts. I might change my mind on that though. The goal is to see the sun break the water.

So far we have sunrises in…


New Hampshire:
Sunrise on the Atlantic

and Maine:

On the sunset side of things, we have California:
2012-04-27 - Cove and Sunset 375

That’s four! I’m practically done! WOOHOO

My 2012 in Pictures

In January I took my swanky new lens out and about in Methuen to see what it could do.  These trips usually focus on the Spicket River, but this time I went to the Merrimack.
Reflections in the River

As usual, February focused on the RPM Challenge. This year my saxophone came out of retirement.

In March I finally managed to get a few pictures of the night sky that only mostly sucked, as opposed to the normal total suck. This is the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter, all at once.
Moon Venus Jupiter

April brought us back to San Diego and I swear, each time we go there it gets harder and harder to come home.
2012-04-27 - Cove and Sunset 344

In May we brought the kids to Fenway Park. Dustin Pedroia and the Red Sox won the game, but went on to their worst season in 100,000 years.

June was very quiet, photography wise, but we did get another piano recital in the wonderful Nevins Library in Methuen.

In July we spent a week on Long Lake in Maine. I managed to accidentally take a few pictures that didn’t suck.

In August we spent a day wandering around Portsmouth, NH including Strawbery Banke.

In September we took the kids to see Rush. Now they know what I’ve been talking about all this time.
Rush on the opening night of the Clockwork Angels tour

In October we took the kids to Washington, DC and tried our best to see everything in the short time we were there.

In November I didn’t post a single picture taken with my D90. I did, however, learn that this existed and it made me feel a little better about the human race in general.

In December my wife and I ran off together to the mountains for a few days. It was wonderful to get away.

And there you have it. A brief synopsis of my 2012, in pictures. I could have posted hundreds of pictures. Maybe I will later on.