Overtime Again

The Bruins held their 1-0 lead over the Islanders until late in the third when, wouldn’t you know it, the Isles tied the game. Now we are going into overtime yet again. Three overtime games in round one, and now two in round two. Too much stress, man. Too much playoff stress.

I brought dinner with me to my parents house tonight. I didn’t get to eat it until after 7:00. I also brought a bag of chips and I was going to eat that son of a bitch bag if it killed me. I did, but I didn’t finish it until 9:10… 10 minutes after my normal intermittent fasting start time. Oh well. Something tells me that I won’t be able to hold off from eating again until 1:10 tomorrow. Methinks that it’s going to be a fasting-fail day.

It’ll be worth it if the Bruins win. Also, they need to win quickly because the caffeine I was freebasing all day is starting to wear off and the red head is getting sleepy.

Addendum: The NBCSN team covering the Bruins game tonight keeps waxing nostalgic about Nassau County Colosseum. The building is closing after this season and they keep talking about it like it’s some hallowed hall. Has there ever been a time, even back in the Islanders four year Stanley Cup dynasty from 1980-83, when that building was considered to be anything but a shit hole? I always heard that it was so awful it made the old Boston Garden look luxurious. Am I wrong about that or is the team commentating the game just cupping the Islanders fans’ nut sacks?

Addendum #2: The Bruins just won. Marchand scores in the first overtime to put the Bruins back up 2 games to one in the series. Kick ass, dude!

They Didn’t Think of That, Did They?

So, as hinted at by the previous post, the National Hockey League’s official playoff tournament started today. The games they’ve been playing for the last two weeks are official post season games, but they aren’t official playoff games… or something like that, whatever.

As mentioned in previous posts, the NHL has put each conference into it’s own bubble. All of the western conference teams are playing all of their games in Edmonton and all of the eastern conference teams are playing in Toronto. Each conference had two games scheduled for today. In Toronto, there was the Blue Jackets and the Lightning at 3:00pm, and then the Bruins and the Whalers at 8:00pm.

Or so they thought.

Here we are at 8:02pm and there is no sign of the Bruins. Why? Because the 3:00 Columbus vs Tampa Bay game is still going. The score is 2-2 at the intermission between the 3rd and 4th overtimes.

Remember, kids, in the playoffs there is no shootout. There is no stupid 3 on 3 garbage. In the playoffs, the games keep going until someone wins. It’s still sudden death, but the overtime periods are full 20 minute periods of 5 on 5 instead of the lame ass little five minute 3 on 3’s they have in the regular season. Columbus and Tampa Bay have played the literal equivalent of two full games, and it’s still going.

So the start of the Bruins game is delayed until someone actually wins.

I’m guessing no one at the head office who planned out the bubblized post season saw this one coming.

Go Bruins… eventually.

(also, go Blue Jackets. I hate the friggin’ Lightning)

How to Steal a Win in the Stanley Cup Finals

And that, my friends and loyal reader(s), is how you steal a win in the Stanley Cup Finals. Those Blackhawk pukes stole game one from us, and the mighty Bruins turned right around and stole game two from them.

It was beautiful. Actually, it was awful in the first period. Oh my goodness, did they kick our ass in the first. Fortunately, we had one Tuukka Rask in the goal. As the two or three thousand shots came pouring in from inside the hash marks faster than the cameras could actually follow, Mr. Rask stood upon his Finnish head and stopped all but one.

In the second, the Bruins closed the competitive gap. It was still nerve racking, but it was better. The third was pretty even too.

Overtime though… It was beautiful. Dan Paille. 2-1 win.


It’s all tied up at a game a piece now. Glorious.

Here’s the highlight video.

And here is a little nod to the Bruins of the past…

The Bruins Win Game Seven

I don’t know what to say…

Here’s the highlight video from NHL.com

Just… what the hell happened?

I had the game on the radio.  I listened intently and felt very distraught when Kessel made it 3-1.  When the Leafs went up 4-1 in the third I shut it off.

I posted the following on Facebook:

God damn it I hate being right sometimes. I knew this was coming as soon as I saw the match up. Friggin Bruins.

I guess I was wrong.  In this case I am very, very happy to be wrong.

They came out with serious energy in the first.  I was pleased by that.  They did not have that kind of energy in games five or six.  I thought they were going to be different in game seven, but instead of playing with the necessary intensity they went overboard and took bad penalties.  That took them out of the game, and then it was back to the blah blah blah of the previous two games.  They uninterestedly floated their way into the third period and the Leafs lit them up.  It’s the same garbage we’ve been seeing from them for more than two months now.  At 4-1 I was done.  I couldn’t take it anymore and I shut the radio off.  The hell with them.

That’s when they started playing for real.  Three goals in the last 10 minutes.  Where the hell was that Bruins team for the previous 2.66 games?  They had sucked like no 4th seed should ever suck and then, boom.  They are playing like contenders again.  What the hell?  Why didn’t they play that way all series?  What’s wrong with them that allows them to coast their way to the brink and then suddenly play like an all time great team?  I don’t get it.

To recap though, I have to give Tuukka Rask a break.  He did make some gigantic saves last night, and they did win a must win game with him in net.  I am not going to let him off the choke hook until they win a Cup with him as the number one goalie, the choke against Philly in 2010 will not be forgotten so easily, but he came through when we needed him to hold it together in a big game.  Granted, four goals against is a crappy game for any goalie, but he did what was necessary.

Also, Patrice Bergeron is the best player we have, and he’s been the best player we’ve had since the day he was drafted.  No offense to Joe Thornton, or Marc Savard, or Zdeno Chara, or Tim Thomas, or anyone else.  Patrice Bergeron is our best.  Watch that highlights video.  You can see it in his face.  He just decided the bullshit had to end, and he scored the game tying and game winning goals.  As we move forward in these playoffs it will be how Bergeron goes, the Bruins go.

Bring on the Rangers.

Go Bruins.



So my last post was me writing the Bruins off. I stopped listening and started watching a movie. Next thing I know my phone is ringing and Mike the Bass Player tells me they tied it in the final minutes. Now we are going to overtime.

So… Am I the bad luck? Superstitiously speaking, was my turning off the game what allowed them to come back? Should I not listen to overtime out of fear of jinxing the whole works?

Sometimes I hate playoffs.


I hate overtime in the NHL playoffs. Is there anything more stressful, sports wise? Tonight the Leafs lead the Bruins 2-0 after one. After two they were tied at three. It stayed that way through the third. Now we wait for overtime and the inevitable heart attacks.

Go Bruins. Win the damn game on my damn birthday.

Bruins 2 – Senators 1

The Bruins beat the Senators tonight 2-1 in overtime. The first Bruins goal was the cheapest goal I’d seen in ages. The Ottawa goal was even cheaper. Then in OT, Bergeron trickled the puck onto, but not over, the goal line. Ottawa’s goalie took off his blocker, reached for the puck with his bare hand, and instead of grabbing it, he knocked it an inch or two over the line before scooping it up. Bruins win.

Three goals.
Three impossibly cheap goals.
You’d think it was a full moon or something. Is it a full moon? No, it’s not a full moon. The game just made tonight feel like one.

Go Bruins!