I’m Sad Today

It’s kinda late in the day for a first post, right? I usually flood the internets with blather, but today I’ve been quiet.


I’m sad today, that’s why.

My step daughter leaves for college on Wednesday. Today is the last official day that she’s at our house before she goes. She’s going to pay a quick visit to say goodbye on Tuesday, but other than that the rest of her time at home is Dad’s house time. That’s why I’m sad. She’s leaving again and she’s not leaving from here.

All of those Monopoly posts yesterday were because of her. She asked if she could spend the last evening at our house playing Beatles Monopoly. Absolutely we could. Strangely, we actually played until someone actually won. She and I both went completely bankrupt at about the same time. Jen and Harry kept going a little longer before Harry finally won. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game of Monopoly actually finish before.


The kids left for Dad’s house a couple of hours ago. I’m going to see Bellana only one more time before she goes. I already miss her.

Of course, given Covid-19 she’ll probably be back in a couple of weeks, but that’s sad too.