More January 6th Thoughts

I haven’t read Biden’s speech from earlier today yet. I have read some headlines and a couple of news articles and it sounds like he’s saying the right things. I can’t help thinking that it’s just lip service though. The repbulican party doesn’t exist anymore. It’s just the maga cult now. Liz Cheney isn’t going to change everyone in the party’s mind on all of this bullshit on her own. She’s just one voice being drown out by lies and greed and corruption and fascism. The Democrats look weak. One Senator is holding up the entire Biden agenda and it’s fucking farcical at this point. We are a joke.

At this point is there really anything left that’s worth saving? How about all of the vaccinated folks just move to Australia or something. It’s summer there, let’s get some sun. Let the fascists have their little flat earth, anti science, fascist wasteland for a few months before Covid puts an end to it. Let them eat themselves. Figuratively, and probably literally too.

I am so tired of this.

January 6th

One year ago today a fascist cult tried to overthrow a lawful election and install an accused sex criminal who openly lusts after his own daughter as dictator. The attack on the US Capital was an attack on Democracy itself.

Here we are a full year later and a smattering of terrorists have been arrested and given what amounts to slaps on the wrist, while the architects of the insurgency are still not only free, but in many cases holding positions of power in the US government.

The Attorney General and the Congress are both holding investigations, but neither has gotten anywhere, and the terrorists involved openly scoff at the government’s investigative powers. Nothing has been done to stop this insult to my country from happening again.

The leader of the cult, the fascist accused sex criminal who openly lusts after his own daughter, will likely run for President again in 2024 and he will likely lose and make a second attempt at installing himself as dictator and erasing the American Experiment from the Earth. There is a mid term election next year as well, and those who are trying to investigate the insurrection may very well be removed from power by the fascists due to their inability to protect Democracy.

It feels like it’s a matter of time before the fascists rise to power again and the country I was born in ceases to exists.

Happy Anniversary, America.

The Kids are Here

The kids got here a couple of hours ago. That makes me very happy.

Lots going on at work. Changes coming. Small, low level reorganization. Good things on the way. I just can’t talk about it, not that I would say anything outside of the most vague references the English language will allow anyway.

The Book of Boba Fett is on tonight. I don’t know if anyone will want to watch it with me. I liked the first episode, but I think I might have been the only one in the house who did. A co-worker said the second episode is excellent. Fingers crossed. Hopefully it has Han Solo coming around for some pay back, you Boba Bitch. A boy can dream, right?

I did some music before work this morning. I put a MIDI bass part onto one of the two new January song ideas. No melody yet. Nothing to sing. I have a few re-records ready for vocals, but I want to have something new to sing before I go for the drive again.

The Bruins won last night. They are 3-0 since coming back from the Covid shut down. They play Minnesota tomorrow. Keep the streak going.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland gave a speech on the investigation into last year’s treasonous terrorist insurrection at the US Capital. Remember that? When a bunch of trump cult maga terrorists tried to violently overturn the 2020 presidential election? The speech boils down to this: We’re working on it. That’s all I wanted to hear, Merrick. Well… maybe that and you’re planning on picking up the pace. Fascist heads need to roll.

17 minutes until the end of the work day. I’m ready.