They are Not Coming for Me

I found a news story that likely explains why that helicopter has been circling for a while now. Apparently there was a stabbing at the high school. The victim seems to be all right, or as all right as you can be given the circumstances. First responders are on the scene and the weapon has been recovered, and a juvenile is in custody. The article says the victim was not a student. Did a student stab a teacher? Holy shit!

Here’s hoping everyone is okay, and sorry for joking about Henry Hill.

We Are Home

We are home. We actually have been for a while.

The forecast said there was a 1% chance of rain. It poured for a bit while they were walking the graduates to their seats, then it rained again about halfway through the distribution of diplomas. It did not rain on Harry though.

Now he’s going to a school thing where they lock all the kids in the building for the night. That cuts down on the post graduation drinking. Does it also cut down on the post graduation teen pregnancies? My senior class had trouble with both of those issues.

So proud. So happy. Crazy proud.

Getting Close

We are about two hours away from the start of the graduation ceremony. Can you feel the excitement building? I can!

Harry is already there, of course. Bellana is on her way. We only have two parking passes between the two houses and I think the plan is to pile about 30 people into the two cars. It’s going to be a drive in movie in the 50’s where they hide people in the trunk.

We’re making a quick dinner right now. We’ll maybe have something more substantial when we get home. For now though let it be stated that I just used an Air Fryer for the first time. Look at me, all hipster like.

One hour and forty minutes to go!