#RPM2021 DAY 21

One week to go. I did a lot of work today and most of it was dumb.

The smart work was putting lead guitar onto three songs. I still have eight to go.

The dumb work… As if finishing 14 songs isn’t enough, I stupidly added a ton of work for myself. With all of the vocals done I guess I got over confident. I had eight files in progress from January. None of them had any actual recording, they were just MIDI Garageband instruments. Three of the eight had the song form worked out. The other five didn’t. Like I moron, I brought most of those songs into this month’s project. First I took the three songs with the form worked out and redid everything. They were all just drums and bass, but they were recorded in January so I had to replace everything. After that was finished I went to work on the five that didn’t have the form. On two songs I replaced the bass and drums for the fragments I had and then finished off the form. Of the three remaining, one was too crappy to keep, one was just me humming into an audio track so I dumped that, and the other one was literally an empty file. There was nothing recorded on it at all.

So at this point I’m up to 19 songs. Well, 19 isn’t good enough. If I have 20 I’d be able to have two full RPM Challenge albums. So like a doofus I came up with a 20th song. Call it February #15. When I was last working on car music it was raining out. When I was finished for the day I took a couple of minutes and just pointed the microphone at the sun roof and recorded the sound of the rain for about two minutes. I used that as a background for the extra song. I am such a nerd.

Oh, and if all that isn’t dumb enough, while I was all setup to record lead guitars I decided to warm myself up by putting rhythm guitars on two of the January songs.

What an idiot. Now instead of the end being in site, I have a shit load more to do with only seven days to do it. Moron.

#RPM2021 DAY 20

Today was unexpected. I did not have a car music morning. I was expecting to but things came up that made me not want to leave the house even for an hour or so. I mixed a song, which was nice. That’s three songs finished. I planed to play some guitar, I had three songs ready for leads, and write the lyrics for the last two songs. Instead, I didn’t play guitar at all but I did write the last two lyrics… and I added all of the remaining vocals. Eight songs.

Now I have 11 songs ready for leads. I hope to do some serious playing tomorrow. Fingers crossed. I have eight days left. I’m thinking of pulling some unfinished stuff from January. I had three songs ready for rhythm guitars and five more that were just short fragments. Maybe I can add the three with the song form sketched out to the list? I’d have to redo the existing tracks so that they would count as being recorded in February. We’ll see how far I get.

#RPM2021 DAY 18

Another day with minimal progress. I put lead guitars onto two songs. I used a fuzz box for a lot of it, and the new Wampler Plexi Drive Mini for some. I ran the Plexi Drive without the Klon Klone in front of it and it was much less squashy than it was yesterday. I’m going to want to find a happy place with the Klone though because that needs to be on 24/7/365.

Three songs completely tracked. I still have to write lyrics for two songs. I can’t forget about that. Lots of vocals planned for this weekend. Fingers crossed.

The current workspace
A cheesy faux artsy guitar picture

#RPM2021 Day 17

Not much to report today. I put the lead guitar onto one song. That’s it. I used my new Wampler Plexi Drive Mini overdrive pedal in place of the Malaise Forever Black Lives Matter. I think I prefer the BLM. It’s only a very small use sample, but the Plexi Drive being pushed by the Ryra The Klone resulted in a bit of an over compressed blob of flub. It wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t as good as I was hoping. I bet if I removed the Ryra from the equation it would be better. I think the Plexi can take 18 volts instead of the 9 volts I’m giving it. That should improve things, but I don’t have that option with the setup I have in place right now.

Spaghetti and all

No car vocals tomorrow. My car is blocked in and I don’t want to worry about swapping with my step son. There is supposed to be snow for Friday morning too, so no car vocals on Friday either. I’m banking on Saturday and Sunday to finish the eight I have left to do, and probably redo some of the six I have already. I listened back to two of them tonight, including the song that got the guitar leads, and they were okay, but those two were the ones I knew would be okay. It’s the other four that scare me.

Hopefully a few more leads and maybe a mix will come tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

#RPM2021 Day 16

Lots of progress today. I put vocals on six songs. I fear one of those six needs to be completely rewritten because it sucked so bad. Another two or three just didn’t come out too well. I’ll have to see if time changes my mind, but my throat was scratchy and phlegmy and my ears were having a hard time picking out the right notes, and my voice was having a hard time hitting pitches. It was a rough morning. I’m hoping to do another round of car vocals tomorrow. Here’s hoping for better results.

The other good news is that I finished the rhythm guitar parts. They are all done. Most of the songs are simple with just one take on two tracks all the way through. Some songs are more complicated. One song has three rhythm parts (on two tracks each) jumping in and out, all using different tones. There is enough there that I might actually drop some of the parts. It was fun to piece it all together.

So the current count is 14 songs in progress, all of them have guitars, all but two have lyrics, and six have vocals. I was hoping to sneak in a lead guitar part or two before bed but Jen and I ate ice cream and watched Property Brothers instead… because home renovations are our thing these days.

And that is where the RPM Challenge stands tonight. It’s 9:00, I’m almost 50 years old, and that means it’s bed time. G’night, moon.