Two More Random Things

It’s one of those days, kids.

  • I’m on my lunch break. I just ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a little snack pack of Pringles. Mmm, mmm, good. Often during lunch I will peruse Google News, or the Twitter, and catch up on any interesting stories of the day. I can’t do that today. Why? Our plan to watch the season (series?) finale of WandaVision is to do so after work while we eat dinner. That means for the next 4-5 hours I have to be in full on, hyper vigilant, spoiler avoidance mode. The Twitter and The Google News are both riddled with WandaVision spoilers right now and that’s why I am writing this post and not reading up on the world. No Spoilers!
  • Take a look at the top of the page. Go on, I’ll wait. See it? I changed the title of the page and the little headline blurby thingie. The last time I did that I brought back my original Blogger title. This time I am bringing back my first title. Why? Because I am really old and I’m out of ideas. My brain is creatively empty. Hell, just listen to my RPM album. Empty. The headline blurby thing is also for a previous blog though I cannot recall exactly when, where, or what it was. It was something about the cat taking over the world so this is close enough.

I wonder what stupid, pointless, unoriginal thing I’ll write next?