Apple Watch Faces

On my first Apple Watch I made two watch faces. When I upgraded from Series One to Series Three I kept them and didn’t create anything new.

I only used the Mickey Mouse face when I was on vacation, or when I had nothing important going on.

Now that I have a Series Five I’ve been playing with new watch faces. So far I’ve put two together that I kinda like.

I’m not sure which one I prefer. I’ve got the blue one on now. I might switch to the white one.

So many options!

Really, Mickey is still the best.


My beloved wife, Jennifer, wants to buy a new MacBook Pro.

This post is me announcing to the universe, both known and unknown, that I’m cool with it.

If anyone has worked hard enough to earn themselves a new Mac Lappie, it’s her.

One Day Behind

I feel so out of touch. There was an Apple Event yesterday and I was not able to follow along with any live blogs or anything. I missed almost all of the new gadget revelations.

I know there’s a new iPad that I want.
I know there’s a new WatchOS.
I know there’s a new iPhone.

I know these things, but I know nothing about them.

My step kids’ father loaded a release candidate of the new iOS onto their phones. Last night my step son loaded a release candidate of the new WatchOS onto his watch. I’m not going to do either of those things. When it comes to software releases, I prefer to play it safe(er) and wait for the actual release. Still… they have stuff on their devices that I don’t have! I am so far behind the curve right now. I have actual gadget envy over gadgets that I actually have!

Battery Life

I used to wear a watch constantly.  I never left home without it.  When I graduated from high school my parents gave me a watch as a gift.  When I graduated from college my parents gave me a watch as a gift.  When my uncle passed away and we were cleaning out his house the one thing I wanted to take to remember him was a watch.  I actually took a clock too.

I stopped wearing a watch when carrying a cell phone made it redundant.  Also, the damn things kept dying on me.  How much juice does it take to power an analog watch?  I can’t imagine very much.  Still, the batteries would die and I didn’t have the right tools to crack them open and put a new one in.  So I’d take it to a store and have it done there.  Eventually, the presence of a cell phone combined with a dead battery meant that I wasn’t wearing a watch anymore.

As of Monday night though, I’m wearing a watch again.  Of course the battery is still a question.  How long does an Apple Watch battery last?  My step son gets a full day’s use out of one charge and I have to believe he’s hammering on his power supply much harder than I ever will.  That appears to be true.  Tuesday was the first day I wore the watch from morning until night.  When I plugged it in before bed the battery was at 59%.  Yesterday was the second full day.  When I plugged it in before bed the battery was at 67%.

That makes sense to me.  I definitely did more exploring on Tuesday than on Wednesday.  I can live with the results so far.  If I needed to go two days without charging I could probably pull it off, or at least get through the work day.  I don’t think that will happen though, unless we’re traveling and I forget the charger.  The other battery question is, how does the blue tooth connection affect the iPhone battery life?  I have no idea at this time.  When I’m at home and not using my phone I keep it on a charger.  Same with work.  There’s a charger plugged in on my desk.  When I get to work, on it the phone goes.  (that was like Yoda grammar there, wasn’t it?  Totally unintentional)  We’ll have to see how the phone battery handles the watch in a situation where I don’t have a charger on me.  Maybe the next trip we take will be a good test.

So in a very limited sample size, the Apple Watch battery life tests get two enthusiastic thumbs up.  You’re welcome.

This or That

Lets say that hypothetically someone was going to buy an Apple Watch Sport.  Which would be preferable, aluminum with a white band, or space grey with a black band?

Hypothetically, of course. 


I Am Such a Nerd

I’m such a nerd.  Like there was any doubt that a guy who blogs like 3-5 times a day would be anything other than an uber nerd.

A couple of months ago I turned to Twitter with a question.  I always turn to Twitter with nerd questions, and I never get any answers or advice or anything outside of occasionally being followed by spam porn accounts, but I digress.

I asked Twitter if anyone had any experience with using external camera lenses with their phones, specifically their iPhones.  I was curious about The Photojojo Phone Lens Series, and the Olloclip iPhone camera lens.  I was leaning toward Photojojo because it includes a zoom lens, where Olloclip does not.

As mentioned, the Twitterverse was totally silent in response to my questions so I had to decide for myself.

I just ordered the Photojojo set.

I told you I was an uber nerd!



Oh yeah, I also ordered the super deluxe blu-ray version of 2112.

I told you I was an uber nerd!