Back to Work

My month of post-surgery medical leave is officially over. I punched in to work for the first time at a little before 9:00am.

I am so far behind it’s insane, yet at the same time I already feel like I never left. There have been a bunch of staffing changes and some new policies and other fun things. I had 1,683 emails in my inbox when I started the day, and I think there have been 50 or so more come in today already.

I have had meetings all morning and that has made it tough to get my liquids in. I am in the middle of a slightly shortened lunch break right now and I am not sure if I will be able to finish my 2.5 ounce meal before the next meeting starts. In the past I would just eat quickly and then chug some water if I was feeling dehydrated. I can’t do that now though. My stomach won’t let me.

This will calm down over the next day or so, but for today I am stressing mightily. It will be okay though. I am happy to be back. I just want to feel a little less like an alien posing as me, you know what I mean? You probably don’t know what I mean, but that’s sort of how I feel.

Weird, man.


I just leaped over another hurdle. I had my first meeting with the Dietician. It was a Zoom call. We talked about how I eat and how much I eat and how I’ve made some changes already. So much more to do. She’s going to send me a meal plan. I really think that will help tremendously. I need someone to tell me what to eat because when I choose for myself I end up eating everything there is.

One thing she wants me to do now, because I will have to do it post-surgery so why not get used to it ahead of time, is no drinking while eating. I never even imagined that would be required. I also never imagined how ridiculously difficult it would be.

I am always drinking something. It used to be soda, now it’s water. The new rule is to stop drinking 15 minutes before eating, and then to not start again for 60 minutes after eating. That’s going to be tough for me, but I’ll figure it out. The timer on my Apple Watch gets used pretty much constantly already. Once I have to time when I can have a glass of water it’s going to be used so much it might catch fire.

I also have to start keeping a food journal. Oh Google Sheets, I’m coming for you!

Why I Need to Go to a Weight Watchers Meeting ASAP

My beloved wife and I joined Weight Watchers just after the new year.  We went to meetings consistently for five or six week and then started to miss them.  It’s been about a month since we’ve checked in.  I haven’t been 100% faithful to the program.  There have been a few nights recently where whoopie pies were substituted for dinner.  I am still off of coca~cola, which is a miracle for me, but I find myself drinking caffeinated sodas more than I should (there is a coke zero on my desk as we speak).  I’m not really counting points anymore, but I have gotten into a set routine for most meals.  Breakfast, lunch, and snacking in between are pretty much the same each day.  Dinners vary, but with the exception of the junk food meals they are still under my available points for each day.  We haven’t started going to the gym, although March was sort of our target for that.  We need to get back into regular meetings first, I think.

Here is the real reason why I need to start going to meetings as soon as possible.  I stepped on our bathroom scale this morning.  Back in January, at our first weigh in, my weight was recorded as X. At our last meeting my weight was recorded as X-16.  (You didn’t know you’d be getting an Algebra lesson here, did you?)  When I stepped on the scale this morning my weight was X-24.  Fantastic!  Of course, our scale is notoriously inaccurate.  I stepped on again and it gave me X-17.  I stepped on a third time and it gave me X-10.  I stepped on once more and it gave me X-27. 

That’s it.  I’m done.  From this day forth the only scales that exist on Earth are the ones at Weight Watchers offices. 


PS: The irony of this post being written during my lunch break is not lost on me.  Mmmm, chicken sandwich.