Dispo Roomba

Mr DJ Roomba, Esq kicked off his journey at 3:00AM today. I woke up, for some unknown reason, about 10 minutes later. In my 99% asleep state I thought it would be funny to take a picture of Mr DJ Roomba, Esq rolling around the kitchen and dining room. I figured I’d use Dispo because I am a sucker who suffers from crippling FOMO.

I probably should have turned on the lights. In my defense, I was 99% asleep.

One Note About Dispo

Just making note of one little thing I learned about using Dispo. I took a couple of pictures yesterday. They developed (ugh) today. They mostly came out awful. I would have deleted them at the time if I’d known, but that’s not the point of this dumb app that I am using for some reason I cannot explain.

When they uploaded to Flickr they were marked as having been taken today. Not just uploaded today, but taken today. That is kind of expected but still a little unfortunate. Oh well.

I took this one this morning just before the 9:00 develop (ugh) time so Flickr has the correct taken date. That’s nice.

FOMO and the Kiss of Death

I’m on Dispo. I put myself on the waiting list because I don’t know anyone who could send me an invite. I don’t have any pictures to post yet because the entire premise of the app is dumb and you have to wait a day after you take a picture before it’s available. Like a disposable camera that has to be developed… Disposable… Dispo… get it? Clevah.

I’m RobJ_1971, just like Flickr. Come find me and let me bore you to tears with cat and guitar pictures… a day after I take them.

Of course, as with most wait list app situations, my getting an account is basically the kiss of death. It’s ello all over again. Now that I’m in the rest of the universe will lose all interest and the entire company will collapse. It’s a given, right?

ADDENDUM: Apparently the 9:00am thing with Dispo is anything taken prior to 9:00am is “developed” at the same time. I took a few pictures when they first let me in. That was a little before 8:00am. They were “developed” (ugh) at 9:00am.