Daylight Savings Had Me for a Minute There

Daylight Savings is over for another year. Back to standard time for our sorry asses. Did everyone remember to turn their clocks back at 2:00am this morning?

I had a moment early today where I realized how spoiled being an Apple user has made me. I woke up to go to the bathroom, like ya do. I looked at my watch, but without my glasses it was kind of a lost cause. It looked like it was 4:00am or so, but I really couldn’t tell. The little clock I bought for Harry’s room next to my bed and it said 5:00am. Okay, that works. The alarm clock next to Jen said 5:00am too, and my CPAP said I’d been using it for five hours. So it’s 5:00am, right?


As I was getting back to bed again after doing me biz (TMI, right?) I remembered about the whole turning back the clock thing and for a minute or two there I was a confused, 90% asleep red head. How could the CPAP machine say five hours if we turned the clocks back. If the clock said 5:00am, shouldn’t the CPAP have said six hours? I know 100% that I turned it on at about midnight. Weird. That’s when I remembered I’m an idiot and clocks that aren’t connected to the internet the way my Apple Watch and my iPhone are don’t magically turn themselves back.

I said it before, I’ll say it again. Dumbass.

Dumb. Ass.

Jen and I just went through the house and fixed all the non-internet connected clocks. Is this the first time in memory that on daylight savings day all of the clocks are showing the correct time? I mean, all except for the cars. It’ll take years go get those suckers right.

Happy Back to Standard Time, everyone. Enjoy the sunset at 4:29pm today.

Wait, what?

Two Random Things

Two random, unrelated things that just happened inside my deficient little (tiny, actually) brain.

  • I just found out that daylight savings begins next weekend. March 14th. One day after my company’s Covid-aversary, and one day before The Ides of March (queue the Iron Maiden song). Somehow… I think… I mean, daylight savings is a great thing, bring it on… but… on that day? Right smack in between those two unhappy (for Caesar, at least) anniversaries? Maybe we should hold off a week? Just saying.
  • I feel like this week has been a tough one over all at work. I’m seriously ready for the weekend. Like… super ready for the weekend. It’s also important to know that whenever possible I take my lunch break at 1:00. Okay… back story over… I have been working on a task at work this morning and every time I feel like I’ve got it wrapped up I find something that shows me that I am still way off. I thought to myself that I’ve been digging into this for hours now, I must be really late for lunch. Then I looked at the clock. It said 11:50. Oh, good grief.

Until next time, folks! (queue the walk off music)

Spring Ahead to Daylight Savings

Daylight savings began last night.  At some point in the wee hours the clock jumped forward one hour.  The upside is that the sun will still be up when I leave work, although it will still be a while before its up when I get home, stupid long commute.  The downside for the short term is it will be darker when we leave to take the kids to school in the morning.  The immediate downside of course is that we lost an hour of sleep last night.  

It doesn’t make much difference to me because, as usual, I lost about four hours of sleep.  For some reason my body revolts at the clock moving concept.  Be it the fall or the spring, I just don’t sleep much on DST event nights. This year is no exception.  At least there are a bunch of deer behind the house to keep me company.


My wife and I bought a car last year.  I just saw that I had a voicemail.  I listened to it.  It was the service department at the dealership calling to remind me that daylight savings time starts on Sunday.  They offered to help change the clock in the car, if by chance we need help.

I might be nitpicking here, but I think that’s taking things across the line that separates quality customer service with annoying the shit out of everyone.

That might just be me though.