Two Random Things

Two random, unrelated things that just happened inside my deficient little (tiny, actually) brain.

  • I just found out that daylight savings begins next weekend. March 14th. One day after my company’s Covid-aversary, and one day before The Ides of March (queue the Iron Maiden song). Somehow… I think… I mean, daylight savings is a great thing, bring it on… but… on that day? Right smack in between those two unhappy (for Caesar, at least) anniversaries? Maybe we should hold off a week? Just saying.
  • I feel like this week has been a tough one over all at work. I’m seriously ready for the weekend. Like… super ready for the weekend. It’s also important to know that whenever possible I take my lunch break at 1:00. Okay… back story over… I have been working on a task at work this morning and every time I feel like I’ve got it wrapped up I find something that shows me that I am still way off. I thought to myself that I’ve been digging into this for hours now, I must be really late for lunch. Then I looked at the clock. It said 11:50. Oh, good grief.

Until next time, folks! (queue the walk off music)

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