Two hours ago I ate a granola bar. It feels like the teeny, tiniest little spec of granola, barely a molecule or two, has some how gotten stuck near the back of my throat. I’ve been coughing ever since. I brought a water bottle full of our delicious Poland Spring water, flavored with some delicious grape flavoring. I drank the whole thing while trying to dislodge the speck of granola. I failed. There’s no delicious spring water here at my parents house. I filled up the water bottle with tap water. Then I remembered I was supposed to bring a grape flavoring bottle with me tonight. I had some here, but not enough to adequately grape-ify my water bottle. Shit, cough cough. Shit.

The Bruins and Capitals are playing game three of their first round series. Similar to games one and two, game three has gone to overtime. The Bruins have been rolling in the overtime period with nothing to show for it. I could really go for a Bruins game winning goal right now. Two minute left in the overtime period. I’m starting to get a bad feeling about this one. Shit, cough cough. Shit.

For the second consecutive Nana-Sitting night I am having all kinds of bad allergies. Sniffles, runny nose, the works. All of that on top of my stupid granola bar cough. Shit, cough cough. Shit.

I have a pimple on my left ear lobe. It hurts like furious, bloody murder. Shit, cough cough. Shit.

I wanna go home.


If you were to visit my house this morning, it would sound like the following:

Rob: cough cough cough cough
Jen: cough cough cough
Rob: cough cough gag cough moan
Jen: cough cough wheeze “hand me a tissue please?”
Rob: cough cough “here you go, love” cough cough
Jen: wheeze wheeze cough cough
Rob: blowing his nose sneeze blowing his nose moan moan cough cough
Jen: cough cough gag cough cough
Rob: cough gag cough cough spit cough weird stomach rumble

That about sums it up.

It Continues

Am I still sick?

Oh yeah, you betcha.

I feel about the same as yesterday. Cough, sneeze, stuffy, runny, the whole kit. I am going to work today though, but I’ll work from home. We are always short handed on Friday afternoons so I was going to be punched in this afternoon even if I was in the hospital. I figure I can suck it up for the full day and then go back to bed when I punch out at 5:30.

I slept a little during the day yesterday, and then went to bed about 8:30. I was planning on just putting the Bruins game on the radio and vegging until sleep claimed me, but they were playing so poorly that I switched to music. I was still awake when the kids went to bed at 9:30, but not much after that. I woke up a few times during the night, but only for a minute here and there.

I expect this weekend to be a washout. I hear it’s supposed to rain the whole time anyway. I suppose getting sick during bad weather is preferable to getting sick in good weather. Probably not, but let me have this delusion at least.

Speaking of the Bruins. They played a generally sucky team last night and lost. They also lost Zdeno Chara for 4-6 weeks with (I believe) a knee injury. I was worried that the lofty expectations were going to bite us on the ass, as they did with the Red Sox, and here we are… a 4-5 record and our best defenseman out for a month or more. It’s going to be a long year.

Hopefully I won’t be sick for the whole thing.

Nothing Going On

There is nothing going on at all.  Work during the day, spend the evenings with my love, go to sleep, wake up and do it all again.  I’m coughing a little more than normal over the last couple of days, but this time I can feel something getting loosened up.  Hopefully I’m a few coughs away from having a clear throat and a clear head and not being sick at all.  I would guess I’m about 85% healthy.  Last time I said that I relapsed, so I might just be a moron.  Who knows.

Over the weekend we finished watching The Lord of the Rings with the kids.  They were really into it, mostly.  Sheelob the spider weirded them both out, but that’s sort of her job.  I have been listening to the audiobook of the Lord of the Rings during my commutes.  Frodo and Sam are in Mordor >insert creepy music here<.

So on that note I will leave you with the one (wedding) ring!

The photojojo macro lens is kinda cool, but I haven’t really gotten anything terribly clear with it yet. I’ll keep trying.