Too Evil to Deal With

I wanted to get up early this morning. I had two plans that I could follow. One would be to jump in the car and car music like a madman. The other would be to stay home and watch two new Walking Deads.

What did I do?

I slept late, and then sat there reading about how our President is the most vile, evil, disgusting piece of filth in American history.

If he is actually sick, and sick enough to be receiving all of those drugs that are supposed to only be given to patients in critical condition, then his joy ride last night is the single most evil thing that’s happened in my lifetime. 209,000 dead Americans just had the president of the united states take a gigantic shit on them as he left the hospital to show off in front of his base as they hung out in the parking lot without masks or social distancing and just spread that disease like crazy. Even forgiving that, what about the two staffers IN THE CAR with him. Pretty much guaranteed they are going to test positive now. If one of them dies, Trump is as guilty of murder as he would have been if he personally shot the man in the head.

What about the other alternative? He doesn’t have it and this is some kind of campaign stunt to show his base how strong he is. Look at me, I’ve got these super genes that beat the coronavirus without breaking a sweat. There are seven million Americans who have had their lives upended by a life threatening disease for which there is no cure and that asshole is using their fears and pain and suffering like toilet paper in the name of yet another photo op.

My wife keeps using the word monster. She’s right. Any way you look at this, he is a monster. He is evil, the likes of which I never dreamed I would see in my lifetime.

72 Hours?

Trumps doctor said he’s been taking treatment for 72 hours. Meaning they knew he was Covid positive on Wednesday?

Patches wants to know if anyone dies after being exposed to his virus on Wednesday or Thursday, can he be charged with murder or manslaughter or something? Patches really wants to know.

He’s in the Hospital

Trump was flown to Walter Reed Hospital on Marine One tonight. I am very conflicted about this.

I don’t want him to die. Not because I’m a good person but because I want to see him spend his final years in jail for what he’s done to my country.

At the same time, I want this fascist bullshit over and that’s one way to close the door. I hope there are 208,000 or so ghosts in that hospital room with him. I hope they torment him for the rest of his evil life. I know they won’t because he’s too disgusting to be bothered by anything as human as guilt, but the idea is nice anyway.

I don’t wish him well. I wouldn’t wish any nazi well. I am very curious to see how this plays out. I’m still not 100% convinced it’s real. Every word he’s uttered since Obama took office has been a lie. Why should this be any different?

I’m just going to sit on Twitter with my confirmation bias and wait to see what’s next.

The Pandemic Special

Is it fate? Is it a coincidence?

On the same day the South Park Pandemic Special airs, the nazi in chief tests positive?

I honestly don’t wish illness on anyone, especially someone in their 70’s who is almost as out of shape as I am (no one is actually as out of shape as I am). Still… he did tell us it was going away on it’s own back in February. Maybe if he’d done something to help rather than block efforts at every turn he wouldn’t be in this mess right now. Maybe if he’d taken it seriously rather than imply that injecting bleach was the way to go he wouldn’t be in this mess right now.

Then again… I still think this is a campaign stunt. A shameless, heinous campaign stunt. Prove me wrong, fascist.

Karma Komeback 2020

The president has announced that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

He’s a pathological liar though so it’s probably some (combed over) hair brained campaign stunt. If not, it is the very definition of karmic retribution. I mean… I think it is. I’ve never studied the philosophy behind karma. I’m just going on western pop culture’s “definition” of karma. You know what I mean though, right?

Now we find out what he really thinks of that fish tank cleaner drug crap, or injecting bleach. Those things were good enough for the American people, are they good enough for him?

I’m pretty sure it’s a stunt though. He will be in front of the cameras in two weeks saying it’s not a big deal and we should vote for him because of his superior genes. Something like that.

Massachusetts is Screwing Up, Bad

I started keeping a Covid-19 stats spreadsheet back in March. I never dreamed it would still be going without an end in sight on the last day of September, but here we are. I keep one with just Massachusetts numbers and one for the entire United States.

We all know the US numbers are so bad they are evil. Literally evil. Unimaginably evil. Massachusetts was really bad too in the beginning, but after a while we straightened things out. For a while there our numbers were among the best in the country.

Not anymore.

We have had over 400 new Covid-19 cases for each of the last eight days. Today we had 532 new cases and 33 new deaths. Oh yeah, and the Governor is talking about further opening up of some sections of the state. This is absurd.

We should be better than this. Get your shit together, Mass.

I’m Tired of Quarantine

I’m sick and tired of this whole quarantine thing. It can go suck an egg.

That does not mean I’m going to start ignoring all of the Covid-19 safety precautions, I am still 100% on board. I’m just sick of it.

I miss playing in a band. I miss being on stage, seeing Jen in the crowd with a huge smile on her face. That is a great feeling. I’m missing that feeling.




That Sucked

We got flu shots today. We went to a drug store in Salem, NH. Talk about a horrible experience. We did everything right. We stayed safe. The rest of the people? Some were. Some weren’t. The putz without the mask inside. The dick having a smoke in the parking lot. What the hell.

Happy Seven Million Day

The United States is up to seven million Covid-19 cases as of today. Aren’t you proud, America? Four more years!

I’d say that I was in favor of deporting all trump voters, but where would they go? Who but a trump voter would be stupid enough to give refuge to a trump voter?

My step son’s school district has opened up sports again. Yippee! Are Covid-19 tests required? No, don’t be silly. Are masks required? For indoor events, yes. For outdoor events, yes for players on the bench but not for players on the field. Apparently, you can’t get Covid-19 by tackling someone who has Covid-19. Who knew, right?

Officials don’t have to wear masks either because, you know… whistles. I can’t remember if cheerleaders need to wear masks. Oh yeah, cheerleaders at home games. Maybe the band at a couple of games. No visiting team spectators though, and each home team player can allow four guests to watch. They have to wear masks though. Thank heavens for that, right? >whew<

Officials need to have temperature checks to be allowed on the field. Not Covid-19 tests, just temperature checks. Teams will have to have temperature checks before they leave for away games. What about home games, you ask? Apparently those are thermometer free! Hooray!

Some days I just want to take a fire hose to this whole idiotic country.