No Birds

I brought my camera outside while I was cooking dinner on the grill. I figured in between burger flips I’d take some bird pics at the bird feeders.


Yup. Look at all of those birds. So many birds. Ugh.

I took some other stuff to pass the time.


Stupid birds.

Lawn Pause

Front yard: Done.

Side yard: Done, from the street all the way back to the woods.

Health check: OUCH! My back hurts, my leg hurts, my arms hurt, my shoulders hurt. Yup, it’s lawn day. I’m taking a break for a few. Usually my lawn breaks are on the patio in the back yard, but everything out there is soaking wet and the sun hasn’t had any luck drying it off, so I am inside.

Okay, break time is over. Get back out there and cut some more grass, fat boy! You can do it! Through all of this mowing the lawn your Apple Watch activity app has given you credit for 16 minutes of exercise! Go cut that grass and close that ring!


I’m starting the massive project known as the back yard clean up. When I finish today I will have completed about 0.1% of the total work.

Okay, so maybe 0.01% is more accurate.

There is a tree in the woods somewhere that is swaying in the breeze and creaking very loudly. Are it’s days numbered? It can do whatever it wants just as long as it stays away from my house.