Happy Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. Happy birthday to the USA.

Now can we remove the filibuster, pass the voting rights act, add Washington, DC and Puerto Rico as states, fix the damage done to the Supreme Court, and prosecute the fascists responsible for the January 6th assault on the Capital?

What was the point of winning the Senate and the White House if we were just going to shove our heads up our asses and accomplish nothing?

Quittin’ Time

Everyone psyched for the big fourth of July weekend? I am! I just punched out of work a few minutes ago and I could use a good long weekend.

Of course the forecast calls for frosty cold and constant rain and I have to spend 24 hours at my mother’s house instead of with Jen and Harry, but it’s still a long weekend and I am going to make the most of it, damn it!

Pour one out for America!


My country is burning and there is nothing I can do. I feel powerless. I feel impotent. Our neighbors are being murdered in the streets for the crime of having the wrong color skin, more neighbors are dying of a plague that should be simple to avoid but isn’t because so many of my neighbors feel that their comfort is more important than other people’s lives.

I need to feel like I have control over something or else I’ll loose my mind. The grass. I have control over the grass. It’s way too long so I’m cutting it all even though doing so makes my back hurt like you wouldn’t believe.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in this place that used to be called America.