I had to run to the store to pick up an online order for my beautiful, brilliant wife. That means I had a few candidates for the photo a day thing that weren’t taken in the cellar next to my desk. Sweet.


Hello and welcome to design a-la 1918 or so.

Wait… I thought that was a three wheeler, but now that I look at it again, is it a bike with a side car?

I was stopped at a left turn light, the blue lights were across the street. It took me four tries to get this without having a car drive through the shot and block everything.

Anyone Home?

Every time I look at the bird house and don’t see any signs of life I assume that one of the times I went outside to take out the trash or the recycling or whatever, I scared them away. That would be so depressing.


No signs of life this morning. Sad face.

Patch Rabbit

One year ago today, my beloved wife Jennifer without whom I never would have been able to get through any of the challenges of the past year brought me a cute little stuffed bunny to keep me company on my overnight in the hospital. It was the same color as our cat Patches, and she named it Patch Rabbit.

Patch Rabbit sat with me through the entire month of recovery that followed the surgery, and since then she has been sitting on the window sill next to my desk in the cellar office. I just thought I should include my bunny friend in the anniversary celebration by using her for today’s photo-a-day challenge.


Bird Houses

If you zoom in on this picture you can see some twigs inside of the bird house. It’s awesome.


I have checked on it a couple of times today and I have seen a little sparrow going in and out of the bird house and I love it so much. I don’t imagine I’ll be able to get close enough to see any potential eggs, should the universe dictate that there will be eggs, but I hope I can figure out a way.

Here’s a picture of the other bird house that’s off to the side of our house. If you zoom in on this one you can’t really see anything inside. I can’t tell either way, really, but it looks like this house is still available for rent.


On an unrelated note, here is today’s photo a day selection. It was nice to be able to turn the camera’s ISO setting down from my usual in doors go-to of 3200 to my usual out doors go-to of 100.

243/365 - May 1st