Busy Holiday Morning

It’s been a busy morning so far. Since my last post I showered and shaved and had a Covid scare and visited both of my parents and played a little guitar to relieve the stress from the Covid scare and from my mother being in a less than wonderful state. Ugh.

No more amp sims for NaSoAlMo. All eight songs have rhythm guitars played through a mic’d up amp. Good.


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, America! Canada, you jerks jumped the gun and had Thanksgiving a month too early so you don’t get a happy Thanksgiving today. Blah to you, kind sirs and madams.

This is traditionally my favorite holiday. I don’t know why, but it is. It’s kind of like From Russia with Love. It’s my favorite Bond movie even though Goldfinger is better. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday even though Christmas is better. What can you do. I am pretty bummed this year that I don’t get the day after Thanksgiving off. I could have. I mean, I actually did take the day off but then rescinded my time off request so that I could give the day to someone else. I mean… we could have both taken the day off, but that would have left us really short handed so I took one for the team.

The plans for today are to get up stupidly early and get my exercise in (done) and have a protein heavy breakfast (done) and then shower and shave. After I finish that I want to make brief visits to both mom and dad, then Jen and I are heading North to her parents’ house for dinner. After 51 consecutive Thanksgivings worth of eating a ton of food like some sort of ravenous, rabid, feasting animal, I am barely going to eat anything and I am very happy about that. Weight loss surgery has changed my life and Thanksgiving dinner is a minor casualty of that change, but it is so worth it. Soooo worth it.

Okay. I have watched the first ever episode of Pennyworth and a couple of film camera videos on youtube. Breakfast is done and so is my procrastination time. Let’s get this turkey day rolling, shall we!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (You too, Canada… even if you do celebrate Thanksgiving in the wrong month. I can’t stay mad at you guys. I love you guys)

They Have Left

Both kids have left for their father’s for the next few days. They’ll come back on Sunday to put up the Christmas tree and then go back to school again.

I miss them already. Boo.

Jen just left to go to the RMV too. I hope she doesn’t have the stereotypical Registry of Motor Vehicles experience and instead gets in and out fast. Fingers crossed.

It’s weird. That means it’s just me and Miss Patches in the house right now. In this wacky covid world I am not used to having the house to myself. I’m lonely.

Two hours and 20 minutes left in the work day. It’s the day before Thanksgiving though so it’s going to feel like 200 hours and 2000 minutes, or something like that.

I miss my family.

The New Normal

Well, we all saw this coming.

Three bites into our pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner and my stomach rebelled. Pain, nausea, gas, the works.

It’s worth it but I was really hoping I’d be able to have thanksgiving with my family without having to focus all of my attention on not being sick in front of everyone.



I tooks me an ahtsy photo today for the photo a day fun.

80/365. I’m 21.9% done.

Isn’t that loverly?

My dad gave me a scare tonight but everything seems to be okay. Bellana will be home tomorrow and we’re having pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving. It was supposed to be a mini-Thanksgiving but there’s a turkey in the fridge that says otherwise. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t wait.

On a musical note, I added another song idea to the NaSoAlMo queue and it brought me over the 29:09 goal. Maybe I will push myself to finish. Maybe there will be some car music this week.

I might need to go to bed early so that I can wake up super early and get my exercise and breakfast finished before the turkey fun begins.

Plans Fall Apart

Most of the things I wanted to do today are not going to happen because of reasons. I did get to see my dad but not my mother. I didn’t get any train track pictures on film. There’s a spot where I can get pretty close but I didn’t get there today. I did get this little bit of proof from the parking lot of my dad’s rehab joint.


So I wasn’t lying. Maybe tomorrow, eh?

Harry is Home

Harry is home and it’s glorious!

Not sure what we have on the agenda today. Jen and Harry are going to go shopping for desserts for tomorrow’s mini-thanksgiving. I am going to make short visits to both parents. Also, in film camera news, there are train tracks running behind the rehab facility that Dad is currently visiting and I have black and white film in the camera… cliche, anyone?

I did 30 minutes of faux running today already. My sort of plan these days is 45 minutes on weekdays and 30 on weekends to give my feet a little bit of a break. I haven’t closed my calorie/move ring, but it’s 2/3 closed. I’ll close it today, no sweat.

What else? I want to play some guitar today, but I want to hang around doin’ nuttin’ with Harry and Jen more so… National Solo Album Month may be dying on the vine this year. I might try to get up stupidly early this week and spend an hour or so recording using DI and amp sims rather than my Deluxe Reverb. That feels like cheating after all these years of only using a real amp, but what can you do.

I mentioned yesterday that I had a really bad time with lunch. The same thing happened with dinner. I dished out a little less than four ounces of food, took 2-3 bites, and hit the pain/nausea failure point. I ended up pausing dinner for an hour or so and then I was okay. I was nervous about breakfast today after two bad experiences in a row, but I am almost finished an I feel okay. Here’s hoping lunch and dinner go okay too.

All right, kids. Time to go get my shit together and go visit a couple of parents. We’ll talk later, m’kay? M’kay.

Thanksgiving Break

The kids are officially on Thanksgiving break and they are both driving South!

Bellana is going to visit a friend for a couple of days before coming to stay with us on Sunday. Harry is going to make a quick stop at his dad’s before coming here tonight.

The kids are coming! WOOHOO, the kids are coming!


Tomorrow’s to do list. Get up at 5:00am, run for 45 minutes, have something to eat with lots of protein, go grocery shopping to buy the fixin’s for a mini Thanksgiving this weekend, make the kids’ beds because I washed their sheets today, go to work, finish work, see my step son Harry for the first time in ages.

That’s my to do list for tomorrow.

Bring it on.