I just packed a backpack full of camera gear. Three cameras, two 35mm and one mirrorless, four lenses in total, and six fresh rolls of film. Also a shit load of various Apple chargers, a small food scale, and a couple of camera chargers.

Tomorrow I’ll put my MacBook Pro and probably my iPad into the bag too. Then I need to pack a bag full of protein bars and go to the grocery store to buy a shit load of water bottles and sugar free gatorade to put into a cooler that I want to keep in the car. I need to get ice too.

The only other thing left to pack is one collared shirt that I washed earlier today that is hang drying in the cellar. Tomorrow morning I’ll throw that in the suitcase.

Oh yeah! I also need to pack a travel shaving kit, a tooth brush, and some deodorant.

All of this for four days in Vermont.

Totally worth it. I can’t wait.