Mouse Situation: Resolved

And just like that, our mouse invader has been vanquished without any bloodshed. The cats might be a little disappointed.

Jen heard some commotion in the bedroom and went to investigate. The cats had knocked over a little waste basket and the mouse ran inside. They had it cornered. The little rodent asshole was frozen in fear, shaking like it was going to tear itself apart. I picked up the basket and took it outside. I flung our little uninvited guest out of the basket and, in a pathetic sense of mischievousness, into what we believe is a groundhog hole on the edge of the back yard. Ain’t I a stinker?

The cats are confused. They still smell Mr Mouse so they are still trying to hunt it. Jen tried to reward them for their hard work by putting out a handful of treats for them. They haven’t even noticed yet, but they will once things calm down.

Good kitties. You have protected your house. I’m proud of you.