Show Episode IX Some Love

After all of the Star Wars Celebration announcements and a couple of killer episodes of The Mandalorian (and one not-so killer episode) I’ve found myself spending a little time on various Star Wars subreddits. I knew that there was a vocal sect of the fandom that doesn’t like episode IX The Rise of Skywalker. I have found the levels of hate pretty staggering though. It goes so far as people who like the movie getting abuse heaped onto them. Verbal attacks… over a friggin’ movie.

In subtle response to such hate, I have decided that I would watch the movie today, and as with all viewings of this particular flick, I am loving every friggin’ second of it. It’s awesome. The movie is awesome, Rey is awesome, Poe is awesome, Fin is awesome, Rose is awesome, Kylo Ren is awesome, hell even Hux is awesome.

All of those folks who spew such hate can kiss my butt. I love this movie.